10 Fun Games to Play on Halloween

TheseĀ  aren’t all the scariest games, but they are just spooky enough to get you in the Halloween mood. In no particular order here are 10 games that at least get me in the Halloween spirit.


Grabbed by the Ghoulies:

This Rare title is about a boy named Cooper and his girlfriend Amber who end up at a spooky mansion after getting lost. You play as Cooper going through the manison fighting monsters, and stopping the evil Baron von Ghoul. The cell shaded graphics are used to create a cartoon like atmosphere that really makes it feel like you’re playing a Halloween special. It’s not the easiest game as things like health points change from room to room and some monsters can hit way to hard, but it still has all the Rare charm and polish gamer’s have come to expect


Luigi’s Mansion:

With the recent remake of this Nintendo spookfest it’s the perfect time to pick this one up. Luigi just won a mansion where his brother, Mario has gone missing inside of. With the help of Professor E. Gadd it’s up to Luigi to vacuum up all the ghosts and find his brother. Nintendo has made vacuuming up ghosts and money enjoyable and it takes a considerable amount of skill to get the top rank.


Costume Quest:

Taking place during trick or treat night Wren or Reynold team up with some friends to fight against some nasty aliens all while collecting candy. The games a turn based RPG with emphasis on timed button presses for the best results in combat. The best part is you actually go up to neighbors doors to either get your trick or treat. Making costumes and stopping bad guys is the ultimate Halloween dream where you’re never too old to enjoy.



This 2D adventure is about a boy travelling through the dark forest. There’s monsters and puzzles that need to be overcame. It’s very atmospheric and is like entirely in black and white shadows. It’s hard to describe since the game is almost like an experience. This experience just happens to be perfect for Halloween.


The Haunted Mansion:

Probably the most underrated and unknown game on this list. This licence game has nothing to do with the film thankfully. Instead you play as Zeke Holloway who’s stumbled upon the mansion at the perfect time as an evil spirit has locked away the 999 souls living in the mansion in an attempt to take over the after world. You solve puzzles throughout the various rooms to turn on the lights and draw out the spirits. Like Luigi’s Mansion you “vacuum” them up in your lantern to return them to the light side. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Disney ride this game is entertaining enough for any action adventure fan who loves a spooky setting.


Maximo: Ghosts to Glory:

Based on the Ghouls n Ghost series of games this challenging 3D action platformer oozes spooky. As Maximo you fight through various worlds and levels all to save Queen Sophia. Just like in Ghouls n Ghosts if you get hit you lose your armor which along with some tough but fair enemies makes for a difficult game. The levels are fun and creative and the smoothness of control are enough to make it worth it.


Alice Madness Returns:

This creepy platformer is all about Alice’s return to Wonderland. The further you travel the darker the land gets. There’s also an emphasis on combat where it is pretty satisfying to knife the various ghouls trying to stop Alice along the way. The adventure is intertwined with Alice trying to regain past memories and figure out what really happened the night her family home burnt down. The atmosphere and the story really come together for a unique experience that’s enjoyable whether or not you’ve played the original American McGee’s Alice.



What is there to really say about Bioshock that hasn’t already been said. Going through Rapture is truly haunting especially as you piece together through voice recordings what caused the city’s collapse. The powers and guns you collect make you feel as if you’re getting stronger. The people you fight feel more like monsters than any sentient being. It’s not a horror game but instead uses more subtle scares throughout it’s world. Anyone who hasn’t played it yet really needs to experience this world for themselves, it’s truly an unforgettable experience.


Splatterhouse (2010):

This reboot to the original Splatterhouse series is not for the feint of heart. This beat em’ up is wall to wall violence and gore. Rick is looking to save his girlfriend Jennifer from the evil Dr. West, he isn’t alone as he has partnered with the Terror Mask who gives him superhuman abilities. You travel through the increasingly dark and brutal levels fighting ghouls with fists, claws, and weapons. Heck you can even beat enemies with their own arms and heads, you can even rip off your own arm to use as a weapon. It may be dark and oh so full of blood, but it’s some good fun.


Until Dawn:

Now what is more Halloween than slasher films. This game gets into the spirit by essentially being a playable movie in the style of Life is Strange or the Telltale games. A group of teens return to a secluded cabin on the anniversary of a tragedy. Naturally they aren’t alone and you as the player have to make choices that could lead to everyone making it through the night, or dying terribly. The actors do a great job at voicing these characters and the writing is just so gripping. Once you start you’ll have to see how it ends.