Hiya and welcome to my pokeblog!

I am a huge fan of Pokémon and have played nearly every game in the series. I didn’t play an actual Pokémon game until 2005 so for years I got my pokelove from the anime. I watched at least through gen IV and I enjoyed it, but alas my memories of the class series have faded.  I know a lot about these episodes from friends and youtubers and whatnot but I wanted to experience it again for myself . So I decided I am going to go through the classic series (Kanto-Orange Islands-Johto) episode by episode, arc by arc, and see the classic anime with fresh eyes.

Watching it all again could be fun, or a mistake. Either join me in the journey of what I’ve been missing.

Also on weekends I’m taking a break from Pokémon to review video games that may or may not be nostalgic to people besides myself.