Unpacking is a simple game where you unpack boxes into your new home. You go through the life of this person through their objects, from childhood to parenthood. It may sound tedious but with the music and the art style it’s very relaxing.

Sometimes you have just a bedroom, other times there’s a kitchen and bathroom. Sometimes the rooms are empty, and other times you have to move around people already there. It’s a lot like real life that way. There is a very subtle story, as mentioned only though objects. You can distinctly tell the character’s stage of life and their mood though. It’s fun seeing objects like the stuffed pig show up again. It makes the game feel alive as this person is growing into their interests and selves.

You get to choose where the objects go, sort of. There is a mode to put objects anywhere but that takes away from the puzzle element. I wish there was something in the middle. the game can be strict on where objects go, it isn’t completely free, but like I don’t want to put my cooking supplies under the sink with the cleaning supplies, but the game makes me. Sometimes it’s also hard to tell what things are, mostly bathroom and kitchen supplies. In levels you start to unpack pills in boxes, but they don’t really look like that to me. I suppose it’s about perspective.

The game is quite short and not particularly replayable, since as mentioned things have to go in certain places. There us some leeway. I do believe in spite of that the game is worth playing. The art and atmosphere is so warm and inviting. The gameplay so simple too, you click on a box and drag the object to it’s new home. It’s the perfect game for a weekend cool down.

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