What You Seed is What You Get

Our heroes find some watermelon floating down the river. This causes them to cross paths with a girl named Natasha. They hang out with her, battle, and it lets Treecko start learning bullet seed.

Ash and May are kind annoying this episode. They spend too much time arguing about super pointless things. Also Team Rocket is used for filler, which is always a terrible use. They aren’t even funny this episode. It doesn’t even make sense either, instead of pokemon they’re trying to steal the watermelon. It’s not even for them, but for the boss. That just feels dumb even for them.

Natasha is great. She is so high energy. Normal a character who speaks their lines is annoying, but her voice has a nice cadence to it when she gets loud. It just makes it very suitable for the character. We don’t learn a lot about her though, shortly after her introduction we’re thrown into battles. I’d love to know more about her work, she’s apparently good and I love that her security system is Electrodes painted like watermelon.

It’s nice to see Ash in a double battle. It even fits with Treecko’s subplot. He’s trying to get Treecko to learn bullet seed, so he pits his pokemon against Natasha’s Grovyle to help it learn. It makes sense since it’s the evolved form. It’s a good battle too with nice high energy. The action even keeps up since it’s a long battle that leads right into the gang’s fight with Team Rocket.

So a nice episode with good action and a fun character. There are a few things throughout that aren’t great, but it doesn’t dampen the episode. The main thing is the high energy action. Usually a filler episode would dissapoint when it comes to battles, but they really started their new season strong.

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