All In a Day’s Wurmple

May decides she is going to catch a wurmple. She isn’t the only one, Jessie is also determined to catch one. The gang also gets to hang out with a Trainer named Franklin, so really all the plot boxes are being checked off today.

May really wants this wurmple. It’s explained well, because at first she isn’t interested. Then she learns it evolves into beautifly. She’s still super inspired from Janet’s contest performance last episode. So it makes perfect sense that May would want a beautifly of her own after helping Janet with her Beautifly. Jessie also wants a beautifly for her contests, but not because of Janet. No, Jessie just wants it for the sake of it. Bit disappointing since it feels like Jessie is being shoehorned into getting a wurmple just because of it’s split evolution gimmick.

May goes through even more growth as a  trainer. She does catch a Wurmple, her first pokemon catch. She really earned it too since Jessie spent the episode trying to beat her to the wurmple. Interestingly May does it all on her own, the episode is spent with her away from her group. The effect works as this seems like the first time that she really is a trainer.

May was strong in this episode, yet they decided there still needed to be a side character to fill the episode up. We get Franklin, he trains bugs. He battles Team Rocket and also battles Ash. That is all. They could have done so much more with May and Wurmple. Ash and Brock got episodes where they bonded with pokemon before they caught them. May easily could have had the same, but for some reason instead we get Franklin filler. It’s fine too, just doesn’t mesh well with May’s plot.


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