So You Want to be a Superstar

Everyone seems to have been bit by the star bug, everyone is obsessed with being famous. Well everyone except Serena and Luna. Well this leaves it to Serena to check out what’s really going on with this superstar Saffron and her fans.

Molly is extra annoying today. She’s even more obsessed with this fame thing than Serena. Her only highlight is when she sings the show’s theme song with Serena, it’s an adorably awkward scene. Too bad it goes downhill quickly. Like I get evil magic is a foot, but the way Molly goes off the walls is too intense.

So after seeing Serena and her friends attempts at talent we finally get into the real meat. It’s pretty freaky watching Saffron get trapped in that goop, the animation and sounds make the entire thing unsettling. Things don’t stay this way though, Jedite’s plan is just a talent show.

Serena seems to have backstepped a bit personality wise. She goes back to crying and whining about the contest. It’s a bit of a bummer since she’s been showing her strength a lot more. When things star heating up, Serena just feels like she’s in the background. She never takes any action, she just watches as things happens. So overall this has made the episode highly uninteresting.

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