The Lotad Lowdown

Playing in a lake the gang meets a whole swarm of lotad. This causes them to meet a girl named Natalie who takes them to her family’s flower shop. Thus the gang begins to learn about a new mechanic; berries.

Natalie is a pretty funny character. She starts out all high and mighty, but is easily overpowered by her older sisters. Plus she’s the first girl to really silence Brock by asking why he doesn’t hit on her. She has a crush on Brock, which does lead the gang into the episode’s climax. Overall she’s a good character even if she’s more of a plot devise. It helps that her family is based on the flower shop in the games right before Rustboro City, one that teaches about berries.

The girls tell our heroes about the effects of berries, they aren’t quite the same as in game. For example they claim sitrus berries give pokemon a lot of energy, instead of the in game effect of healing a lot of health. So it does leave a lot to be desired in teaching viewers about these berries, but it does introduce the gang to berries. Even with the different effects the series is consistent with the effects their berries have.

Another important part of the episode is about the lotad. We get to see the personality of the overall group, and of one that has some issues compared to others. I has trouble using it’s moves, but Brock takes the time to help it out. So it’s no surprise that lotad becomes so attached to Brock that it joins the team!

So yes this is not only an entertaining episode, but also an important one. The characters and story bring everything together while fleshing out the world of the anime.

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