You Said a Mouthful!

So Ash and the gang are attracted to an unofficial pokemon gym that promises to have the world’s most powerful pokemon. Here Ash meets Anthony and his Pelipper, the so called most powerful pokemon in the world. Things get fishy when Ash has it’s battle and sees Pelipper know moves it shouldn’t like vine whip and flamethrower.

I’m just going to start with spoilers right now so if the premise sounds interesting you should watch it real quick. The best part of this episode is the twist on how Pelipper knows these crazy moves. So Anthony is hiding small pokemon like Bellsprout and Magby in it’s mouth. I burst out laughing when I saw this. It’s a humorous reveal but oh my gosh I can’t believe the writers thought of something like this. It’s very creative and something so scummy someone would realistically do this.

Sadly Anthony isn’t as interesting as his pokemon. He’s so overconfident to the point of generic. His arc consists of being confident and then blackmailed by Team Rocket. It’s a bummer since he gets more focus than our heroes. Still not a total waste. We get some great action with Pelipper and Team Rocket’s team up. It’s a light episode for sure, but interesting and fun none the less.

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