Taming of the Shroomish

Be kind to nature kids. If you don’t all the shroomish in the forest might have to move into a mansion and cause trouble. They had no where else to go when the forest was destroyed, and of course it’s up to Ash and pals to fix this mess that some random adults caused.

Max actually isn’t annoying today. Instead of being a know it all he’s being friendly and receptive. Here he befriends a shroomish in a natural way. Sure Ash has to help him move belong all his book knowledge on the subject, but once he does he acts like a regular kid. It’s refreshing I wish he’d just act like this for the rest of the series.

The main plot is about an old mansion scheduled for demolition that all the towns shroomish take refuge in. For some reason they have mature Brock act like a whip, he;s faced haunted mansions before this shouldn’t scare him. Well anyway they meet a guy with no personality or purpose besides I have a personal connect to shroomish.

The plot starts too late. The first 12 minutes are Brock and May shopping and Max and Ash exploring. Brock and May’s stuff is super uninteresting cause it’s more him getting dragged along places. Team Rocket turns up for no reason inside the mansion. After all that the last few minutes of the episode it’s decided the shroomish need protected. For an environmental they really shoehorn the moral stuff, like even more than usual.

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