Scent of Monster: Chanela Will Steal Your Love

Serena wants to make Luna an official member of her family, only problem is her brother is afraid of cats. This causes him to bring home a strange new pet called a chanela. Actually a lot of people are becoming obsessed with these things, something Sailor Moon will have to investigate.

We finally get to learn more about Serena’s brother. For one he has an irrational fear of cats caused by a traumatic minor incident. For one I can relate to that. Dang it Itty Bit why did you have to eat my birthday doll on my birthday. Well he isn’t so much of a trouble maker here. Not much more to his relationship with Serena. He gets pretty meet when Chanela is around, but that’s clearly not usual behavior. She clearly cares about him though, she worries when he begins acting odd. We don’t have many characters besides Serena and Luna to focus on so it’s nice to see them build relationships with others.

Chanela is super creepy. It looks like a bunny but it has these eyes. Everyone only likes it because it has this alluring scent. It’s no secret that this is one of Jedite’s plans. Something about a pet that causes people to become obsessed with them is also unsettling. I don’t know for some reason out of all his plans so far this one just creeps me out.

For some reason this episode was one cut out of the original Dic dub. It’s perfectly harmless. One super important thing is Serena figures out the Chanela’s are bad news all on her own. It’s small but a good character moment considering how dumb she’s been about these plans in the past. (This doesn’t last long as she gets absorbed in the Chanela allure.) Yeah it’s an alright episode, nothing too major or important, but that’s okay since it still feels that things are progressing forward for Sailor Moon.


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