Journeys Through Pokemon AshGray: Day 15

I finished up with construction man today. Before going through the Digletts I rested in a hot spring that healed my Pokemon. I always hate Diglett Cave because of how annoying the Pokemon are. For those who don’t know, diglett may have an ability called arena trap which means it’s opponent cannot run or switch out. They don’t even do anything cute like in the anime. Primeape and Raticate were able to keep them at bay with only stray dugtrios giving them trouble. We got to the end of the cave and see they’re planting a forest. This means going back through and letting the foreman know. At least I got a soft sand for my troubles.


I went back through the tunnel a third time just to get back to the diglett’s clearing and enter the underground path. Right before I entered Team Rocket challenged me to a battle. They wanted to show off their newly evolved Arbok and Weezing. They weren’t a challenge, like usual. The tunnel had nothing interesting but at the end was a fresh gym.


I fought all the trainers around the gym. The inside was very unusual. You couldn’t actually go into the gym without solving a puzzle. The only clue was a statue that highlighted the words south and back. An NPC also highlighted that the clue had to do with the statue. I walked behind it and walked down and presto the doors unlocked.


The inside is typical for Koga’s gym, invisible walls anywhere. It managed to get to a corner where I met Aya. The venonat lead me to her. We battled and I continued straight for Koga. Apparently pressing A shows a glimmer of where the walls are. This blew my mine, I didn’t even mean to press A. Now I need to know if this was added for the hack or if FireRed really does this. I always hated this maze and now with that I’m just like that was easy.


Stepping on the platform in the center makes Koga appear. His Pokemon are level 40, at least the first one is. I never got past his Venomoth. Looks like once again it’s grind time.


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