Memories- Mario Kart 7


So after a few weeks of talking about my early memories with my DS I figured it was time to reminisce about it’s successor. I got my 3ds on Christmas Eve of 2011, exactly five years after getting my DS. The game I got with it was the newly released Mario Kart 7. I loved the Mario Kart series and in my excitement I played the game all night. I unlocked karts, drivers, tracks, and even raced strangers online. Basically life was good.


So for those who don’t know in Mario Kart you can play in several game modes. Usually they include grand prix, time trials, VS, and battle. The one I always spent the most time in was grand prix. It’s pretty standard, you race three laps around four diffrent tracks and through eight diffrent cups. Four cups have all new tracks, the other four are “retro” tracks from previous games in the series. Each track is bright, colorful, and very Marioesque.


This installation added some new twists. One instead of choosing from premade karts you got to make your own with a variety of tire, body, and gliders. The gliders were part of the other new twist; races now went underwater and through the sky. They’re both pretty okay. Really they slowdown the race, but in the new tracks were implemented well (not so much the retro). This one also added two of my personal favorite tracks: Shy Guy Bazaar and Wario Shipyard. This one is also very special to me because it’s the first time I got to use the online features in a Mario Kart game.

Mario Kart Wii was the first game to let people from all over the globe. Unfortunatley I did not get wifi in my house until 2011. Double unfortunately by then my copy of Mario Kart Wii was stolen. I was so excited to finally prove myself online. I always did pretty well, tended to rank between 6th-1st place. I remember at the time youtubers I watched like Chuggaconroy even had their own rooms for anyone to play in. I never played the game with him, but it was just so cool that you could.

Mario Kart is a great series. Each one is different enough that warrant a revisit. If anything it’s a good time.


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