Journeys through Pokemon AshGray: Day 14

The P1 Fighting Tournament was great. I had to put all my Pokemon except one fighting type. Naturally I went with Primeape. After our first match she began respecting me and following all my orders. That made it pretty easy to beat all 5. They happen in a row Elite Four style, so many super potions were used. She ended up against Anthony’s Hitmonchan. This time when it was defeated my Pokemon was declared the winner. Anthony offered to train Primeape for me, but I respectfully declined. He understood my desire to train her myself. It was that easy Ash…


I rescued my five other Pokemon from my box and continued on. There was a Pokemon Center I could use to heal Primeape. Sadly the power inside was out. The power plant next door was malfunctioning and Nurse Joy asked me to check it out. I went though the maze like plant. There were magnemite and grimer everywhere. At the end were two engineers and a muk. Like in the anime I had to fix their mistake and fight muk. I caught it and the day was saved. I celebrated by using the Pokemon Center.


Next down south was a man building a dam. He’s having trouble because of the diglett. He asked me to go through the Diglett Cave and take out as many as I could. That’s pretty messed up, but all the other trainers along the route were doing it. They fought me just because I was asked to help too. Knowing the anime this won’t end well for the man.


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