Volcanic Panic

We continue right where we left off last episode! Pikachu is still very close to the edge of the ring and is completely swept away by Magmar’s fire blast. After it nearly falls in the lava, Ash decides the battle isn’t worth it and surrenders. Blaine suggests Ash should take Pikachu to the hot spring to heal. He leaves Ash with no promise of a rematch.


Team Rocket is making plans to snatch Blaine’s Magmar. They go down into the volcano with some freeze ray gun things. They use the guns against the pokemon, but Magmar’s so hot it doesn’t stay frozen for long. Jessie and James start panicking and shooting all over. The sound of the ice blasts get our heroes and Blaine’s attention.


The ice begins cracking all over the volcano. Worse it’s cooling the rock, which is causing it to all fall apart. It will also cause lava to flow freely through the rocks and the volcano to erupt! Team Rocket is sent blasting off. leaving Blaine and Ash’s gang to stop the lava flow.


Ash sends Charizard to help Magmar by throwing rocks into open craters, blocking the lava flow. Naturally it doesn’t listen to Ash though. After seeing Magmar works so hard Charizard eventually joins in. Brock sends Onix and Geodude to help too. Squitle, Starmine, and Staryiu are even called in to help keep things cool. Even little Pikachu works hard to help. With everyone working so hard together it isn’t long until every crack is covered and the lava’s no longer a threat.


Blaine goes to thank Ash. Ash is totally expecting his volcano badge for saving the day. Instead Blaine only gives him another chance to earn the badge through battle. They have to have their battle on top of the battle. Blaine decides on a one-on-one fight. Charizard has the urge to fight Magmar after seeing how strong of a pokemon it is. The two engage in a truly spectacular battle. It culminates in Magmar pulling Charizard down into the volcano. It’s assumed the battles lost, but Charizard retaliates by carrying Magmar into the sky. Ash has Charizard seismic toss from up in the air Magmar, which ends up winning him the battle.


Ash is given the volcano badge for his victory. His next destination is the gym in Viridian City. Ash never knew their was a gym there. Misty never told him because she was mad at him for a reason she doesn’t remember.


Any Surprises?

  • Ash surrendering
  • Meowth name checks Mt.Vesuvius
  • Ash only earns a rematch from saving the gym, not a badge

Now this was an episode worthy of that long stretch of filler. It started off rough. The scene finishing the battle was only about a minute and it was all over. I feel like they could have trimmed some of lasts episode’s filler and just finished the battle there. If they had started at the hot springs that would have been fine. That’s where all the action starts. Really this epiosde is non-stop action and is so good because of it.


I feel like it’s been awhile since we’ve had a non-stop plot and action episode. It’s really refreshing because no scene felt like it was there just to waste time. Team Rocket’s plan was terrible, and it was so obvious going to fail. They did a good job really kick-starting everything though. Everyone trying to stop the volcano from erupting was a really good scene. It showed off some lesser seen pokemon, and really leads into the climax.

Charizard’s arc through it was so nice. I was getting tired of it just being meh to everything, but seeing it get literal fire in it’s eyes from seeing Magmars strenght was worth it all. Especially since their battle was amazing. It’s pretty clear this episode did take all the budget from last one. The movements are smooth, it’s quick, they get into each others face, and best of all it goes out with a bang. A well deserved win for Ash, really proving he doesn’t need pity badges anymore. It shows he’s become quite the trainer.


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