Journeys through Pokemon AshGray: Day 13

So I got right back in that gym and faced Erika head on. When it came to her second Pokemon, Weepingbel I too a risk and sent Primeape. It worked out great. It seems to ignore me less when I use rage and the move is different from the game. The power keeps doubling each turn even without having the rage build. Not only did Weepingbel faint, but one hit put Gloom close to red. Pidgeotto was able to finish it off in one hit, defeating Erika.


As soon as Erika’s defeat Team Rocket blasts in. They set the whole gym on fire. Instead of heading for the door I hit a detour toward the back of the gym. That same Gloom was huddled in the corner scared. I carried it out and gave it back to Erika. She was so grateful she gave me the badge I won.


After the gym I went through the town. It was organized in a way that leads you to the important events. Officer Jenny mentioned children had gone missing recently. I went straight to the Pokemon lovers society. All I had to do to be an honorary member was say I love Pokemon. I went to the roof and there were the children, acting like Pokemon. The solution was simple, all I had to do was go inside and borrow the Drowzee. The children were all healed and I got a twisted spoon for my troubles.


Next there were two salons. One was clearly ran by Team Rocket, the other belong to a girl named Suzy. I went in to talk to her and Brock appeared. I never thought I’d see him again. He was determined to help Suzy since her business was suffering thanks to Team Rocket. Going into their salon was a staircase in the corner. Downstairs was Brock taking on Team Rocket, which lead to me defeating Team Rocket. We saved the day and Suzy’s salon. Brock even got her Vulpix, while I got a blue scarf.


Next was heading out of town. Not far into the route was a hitmonchan. It challenged me so I beat it with Raticate. After it’s trainer (Anthony) came up saying Hitmonchan was the winner. That health bar dropping to zero should say otherwise, but whatever. He was talking about a tournament just up the route. There were many trainers on the way there. I had to go back to the Pokemon Center before continuing on to the tournament.


At the Pokemon Center I found something fun. Misty was sitting there with a Psyduck. She was commenting on it when she accidentally caught it just like the anime. I’m really glad that moment made it into the game.



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