The Breeding Center Secret

Our heroes are having a mini photo-shoot courtesy of Snap. They see a commercial for a snazzy new breeding center in the area. Ash decides he wants to check it out. Misty decides she wants to leave Psyduck at the breeding center.


On their way back from the breeding center Snap spots a good looking restaurant. It’s all you can eat for free if you show the chef his favorite Pokemon. Naturally that happens to be psyduck.  This means they have to rush back to the breeding center, which happens to have closed already. Misty wants that food so bad she basically breaks in. This actually ends up being a good thing as they find all the Pokemon locked in tiny cages. They even taped Psyducks eyes up to make it look smarter! Those fiends! The cages are slowly being loaded up for “the boss” so everyone must work fast.


The owners of the breeding center are actually Team Rocket goons named Bif, I mean Butch and Cassidy. Snap has a plan to take lots of pictures of the “breeding center” to show people what’s really going on. Snap gets his pictures, but they still can’t leave without Psyduck.


Our Team Rocket breaks into the center to steal some Pokemon. Ash and the gang catch them and try warning them of how dangerous the place really is. While kinda shouting at each other, they’re caught. Butch and Cassidy reveal themselves as Team Rocket with their own version of the motto. Ash and the gang try running while Butch and Cassidy chase after them. Our Team Rocket are left alone and plan to leave, but James has to get his new Weepingbel he left at the breeding center back. It turns out it’s evolved into a Victreebel. No he’s never shown catching it, so just go with it.


Ash, Brock, and Snap end up caught in a cage trap. This leaves Misty, Togepi, and Pikachu to hide and save the day. Our Team Rocket, along with our boys are left taking them blame for a burglary. Officer Jenny takes them all away to jail.


Misty gets the idea to show Jenny the picture’s Snap took. This won’t be easy as his camera was taken away. She goes in undercover to get Psyduck and sends Pikachu to find the camera. Their plan goes super smoothly, everyone is proven innocent, and the truth about the breeding center is revealed. Ash even takes the lead in apprehending Butch and Cassidy. Oh and they do get their free buffet. After they eat, Snap decides to leave the group and go on his own journey.


Any Surprises?

  • Love Power yay
  • For some reason Misty’s very angry when she leaves Psyduck
  • Of course the chef’s favorite Pokemon is psyduck
  • “Psyduck’s the greating thing since the microwave oven” -chef 1998
  • When did James catch a Weepingbel?
  • Snap can say he appeared more than Primeape

It’s a shame Snap’s leaving already. He brought some flavor to the cast. It’s probably for the best though, his pictures gimmick was bound to get old. Once again Misty has to learn to appreciate her Psyduck. It’s kinda scary to think if that chef had any other favorite Pokemon the thieves would have gotten away with it.  It’s also pretty dumb that most of the main characters get carted to jail based solely on Butch and Cassidy’s word. Jenny clearly didn’t examine the crime scene. Fortunately everything else was pretty good.


This episode had a really intense (by Pokemon standards) plot. Our heroes spend the majority of the episode pretty helpless inside the center. The villains were also pretty far along in their plan. Misty saving the day was a nice twist. I do enjoy it when the more periphery characters get a moment to shine.  Team Rocket was a nice foil to Butch and Cassidy’s team. The difference between both team’s abilities was made instantly apparent. I think it was an odd choice to randomly have James mention he left a previously unseen Weepingbel just to bring out a Victreebel for him to have. Fortunately I can over look it since I’m all for our main characters expanding their teams. Everyone’s just portrayed really well against a decently strong plot. As mention some holes are there, but after last episode I’m fine being a bit lenient since everything else was so strong.


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