The Ultimate Test

We start of today with Misty being Misty asking if Ash will ever will ever get a badge again. Oh and Snap is still with them, taking pictures and whatnot. He suggests Ash take the Pokemon League Admissions Exam. At the exam center it’s explained that through a series of evaluation trainers can be giving a single badge that qualifies them for the Pokemon League.


Ash signs up and so does Team Rocket in disguise. The first test they all take measures knowledge of Pokemon. It’s a pretty easy true/false test that the three of them still manage to mess up. The second exam is recognizing different Pokemon from their silhouettes or body parts. The first question is what Pokemon is this round shape. Ash and Jessie guess a Voltorb and Electrode respectively. James thinks it’s a pokeball. It doesn’t matter, they’re all wrong. In realty it was a jigglypuff as seen from above. Basically they all do pretty bad in this section too.


Jessie gets fed up with the exam and walks out. Ash and James end up tied for the lowest scores. The third exam is the battle portion. Each trainer is given a set of three random Pokemon. The battle is against the exam instructor. James goes first and he has a Pikachu. He ends up losing his battle. When Pikachu is defeated he releases an Ivyaur and Charizard at the same time and gets disqualified.


In a twist of fate Ash gets some familiar Pokemon as well. He’s given a Weezing, an Arbok, and a Meowth. Ash does okay against the instructor, he only wins a match with Weezing. Ash losing with Meowth causes Team Rocket’s Meowth to scratch Ash up. This causes Jessie and James to reveal themselves and try taking the exam Pokemon. It fails because in the end the exam instructor controls the exam Pokemon. Since Team Rocket interfered the instructor makes the decision everyone must take the test again.  Ash decides to skip the retest and to keep on going his own way.


Any Surprises?

  • Snap stayed with them
  • Jessie is 17
  • A Nurse Joy who wants to be a Pokemon Master
  • Nurse Joy mentions Fuchsia City, it exists!
  • James still hates magikarps
  • Does everyone take this test by saying there answers out loud
  • James has memorized Pikachu’s moveset

The only thing I liked in this episode is that Snap has apparently joined our heroes. Nothing at the end of the previous episode gave the impression he was sticking around so I genuinely did not expect to see him again. I mean Misty and Brock already have small amounts of screen time as it is so that’s a bit of a negative. It does keep the dynamics between everyone fresh with that extra person.


For the very beginnings this episode was terrible. It started out with Misty once again dumping on Ash’s abilities. I figured she’d tone down the snottiness now that she’s a poke-mom, but nope proved me wrong. I really hate where she drove the plot to. The Pokemon League Examination is stupid. It makes no sense since we already have Pokemon Tech. This reminded me a lot of that episode actually, except this time Ash is experiencing it first hand.


The test itself is ridiculous. It starts out standard enough with basic pokedex questions, then Jigglypuff as seen from above just ruins it. Really at this point the episode turns into showing how little Ash and Team Rocket know. They all should have walked out when Jessie did. The battle portion didn’t make things better. The battles were all over so quick and just dull. That’s really the big problem of the whole episode, it’s not just bad but it’s also boring. If I wanted to watch people I like fail tests I’d go back to college or something. You already know Ash isn’t going to get a free ticket to the Pokemon League so why tease it. I just have no words, it was overall not fun to watch.


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