Journeys through Pokemon AshGray: Day 12

After catching Primeape I ran back to Saffron City to heal. I wish I knew beforehand that Celadon City was practically five feet away from Primeape. So Celadon City is pretty redone. As soon as I walked in the game made The very first building is Erika’s perfume shop. As much as I love perfume I had to go the same way as the anime. I rejected her perfume. There wasn’t any overdramatic red x’s on the face but I still wasn’t allowed in the Celadon Gym.


So I couldn’t go into the gym, but the department store looked to be next door. While I headed toward it Team Rocket stopped me. They had an idea to get me into a gym. They dressed me up like a girl and sent me in as Ashley. Instead of joining a little class I head to fight through all the trainers to get to Erika.


During all the trainer battles Rattata evolved into Raticate, I was never a fan of these Pokemon, but mine seems to one shot everything with hyper fang. Maybe’s it’s in the top percentage. Anyway I even used Primeape a few times. It has obedience issues, not nearly as bad as Charmeleon though. I did get to Erika, but once again she proves to be too tough. This time it’s just her Gloom. I can get through Tangela and Weepingbell okay it’s just that Gloom and it’s giga drain. It’s been a theme so far. All these gym leaders are super tough in this game. I kinda like it. Pokemon hasn’t been a challenge to me in a long time.



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