Pokemon Paparazzi

Ash and the gang are enjoying a nice afternoon eating rice balls (not jelly donuts). In the distance they’re being watched by what Ash thinks is a sniper. He rushes everyone to the ground thinking their about to get shot. It turns out a photographer named Todd Snap was watching them. He just wanted a candid shot of Pikachu. They go to what I assume is Snap’s house and talk some more. Snap makes everyone pancakes and tells them more about his picture work. Snap keeps trying to get a nice picture of Pikachu, but the poor thing is nervous around the camera. Everyone tries to help by showing him all their Pokemon, but snap really only wants Pikachu’s picture.


Our heroes travel through a clearing while Snap waits in the bushes for the perfect picture. It’s revealed he needs Pikachu’s picture because Team Rocket disguised as an old couple have begged him to capture it. Team Rocket doesn’t quite understand he’s a photographer and through miscommunication think he’s some sort of pokethief. While Snap continues trying to “capture” Pikachu, Team Rocket continues to set some traps.


Snap uses the pitfall trap Team Rocket made. He doesn’t know it’s a trap he just thinks it’ll be a nice place to take a picture. He overhears Ash saying that he doesn’t understand the feelings of the Pokemon he’s taking picture of. Right then Ash and co. fall into the hole. Snap goes over to help his new friends and Team Rocket learns he’s a photographer. Snap finally gets his picture, but the bottom of the pitfall crumbles away sending Ash and Pikachu into a river.


Snap works hard to save Ash and Pikachu. He ends up using his own camera as something Ash can hang onto before he goes over a large waterfall. Team Rocket uses this chance to catch Pikachu. James uses bombs to try and make Snap and Ash go down the waterfall. Ash distracts Team Rocket by pretending to use Snap’s camera to take pictures of them. This causes James’ bomb to go off in his hands. Bulbasaur is enough to take down Team Rocket and free Pikachu. Everyone is reunited and they end taking a happy picture together.


Any Surprises?

  • Jelly donuts are rice balls again
  • Ash actually imagines Brock getting shot
  • Snap took a picture of Ash being dangled in the their by aerodactyl without knowing Ash was there
  • Brock and Misty already know the hole is Team Rocket’s doing
  • James nearly bombs Ash and Snap.

This was a strange episode. Snap and Ash has some unusual dynamics. For some reason Ash has it out for Snap. It originates to when they’re talking in the house and it’s revealed Snap took a pictures of Ash being dangled by the aerodactyl from episodes ago. Todd does make a snide remark about how he’s famous now and no one knows who Ash is, but it still seems strange of Ash to look down on him so much. After this scene the episode is really told from Snap’s perspective. He tries to take picture after picture with no luck. It’s shown he’s a good person since all he wants is to make an “old lady” happy. It starts getting repetitive after a while because there’s no reason for Pikachu to get so freaked out. It’s had it’s picture taken before and Ash starts acting obnoxious by intentionally sabotaging the shots. I guess the strangest part is the two hardly interact, Snap spends the majority of the episode on the outside of everyone.


So now for all the good. I actually liked Snap a lot. There was something just so genuine about him and his love of Pokemon. I liked that instead of raising Pokemon he was content on capturing their natural beauty. It’s also refreshing to see our heroes more through someone else’s eyes. The ending where Ash and Snap finally connect is very touching. It’s cliche but Snap using his camera to save Ash at the expense of his pictures was very fitting. Still feels like we’re stuck in an average filler rut, but so far this episode is the best of middle lull.


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