Journeys through Pokemon AshGray: Day 11

I could not touch Sabrina’s Kadabra. It took two hours of grinding to come close. Pikachu was only level 30, everything besides Rattata was about 26-28. was strategy boiled down to using Pikachu, Rattata, and Pidgeotto to quick attack it to death. Pidgeotto was the only one who could get a second hit in. Ivysaur and Wartortle both fell before they even got a chance.

I eventually beat her, and she still tried putting me in the dollhouse. Haunter finally came back and made her laugh and stayed there with her. It stayed with her and honestly I was so fed up with fighting Sabrina when that Haunter could have made it all easier I didn’t care. Sabrina’s father gave me a sylph scope. So I could have gotten a new Haunter, but I prefer to look forward.


After leaving Saffron City behind I went back toward the Butterfree, instead heading the direction the doll blocked off before. There was a strange mound with an item on it. It was a jelly donut, cause memes. I ran into a Mankey. It messed around, evolved, and took my hat. I ended up having to battle it. After Sabrina it was a bit of a blessing to see primeape was only level 20. I easily captured it. My goal is to use it much more than Ash every did.



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