The Case of the K-9 Caper

Ash and the gang are still headed “straight” for the Cinnabar Island Gym. On the way through the forest they are interrupted by the police apprehending a crook with a gun. Ash tries to send Pikachu to stop the crook, but Pikachu is terrified of the man’s gun. After a police Growlithe takes the man down a bit, Pikachu feels ready to step in with a thunderbolt. This causes them to be swarmed with Growlithes. Turns out Ash shocked an innocent man. The whole thing was a simulation training the police Pokemon.


While Ash and the gang get to know the Pokemon police force, Team Rocket begins plotting away to snatch them all up. Officer Jenny feeds our heroes and they begin talking about the days events. The subject quickly changes to how different fighting an armed foe can be. Ash decides he wants Pikachu to get special training in facing enemies with guns.


The next day Ash and Pikachu get up bright and early to train with the Growlithe class. Ash and Pikachu join Jenny and Growlithe in an obstacle course. The training is very hard on both Ash and Pikachu.


Team Rocket rolls in with their growlithe bus. Their plan involves using special gas helium to mask everyone’s scents and voices. The Growlithe can’t recognize Officer Jenny anymore and Jessie uses a special megaphone to sound just like their trainer. Team Rocket basically has control of the whole Pokemon police force.  Our heroes can’t even do anything this time, all three of them left their pokeballs elsewhere.


Team Rocket tries disguising their voice like Ash, but Pikachu recognizes his trainer by his heart. Pikachu battles the whole police force, but it wears itself out from using too much electricity. Jenny tries to talk to all her Growlithe again. One attacks her and instead of fighting it off she just lets the Growlithe recognize her heart. This leads all the rest of the Growlithe to turn their backs on Team Rocket. Jessie and James get attacked while Meowth drives the van away. Ash and the game leave Officer Jenny with a bit more experience under their belt.


Any Surprises?

  • Jigglypuff cameo
  • The whole plot is explicitly training to fight people with guns, yet Legend of Dratini is still the banned one
  • Togepi nearly falls off the table
  • The freakening jigglypuff cameo comes back to not even sing
  • Brock using Team Rockets megaphone to hear Officer Jenny confess her love to him

Another really alright episode.The typical filler plot is really starting to be run down. This episode feels like basic Pokemon filler and like something diffrent. I liked that instead of helping someone just because they’re there, that Ash is taking time to better himself and Pikachu. They do end up having to help Officer Jenny, but that’s only because Team Rocket comes in with a pretty good plan. I liked how different is was than all their other schemes, especially in that it almost worked. The weak parts of the episode were definitely the heavy handiness of certain morals (guns and loving Pokemon for who they are), the plot contrivances, and overall pointlessness in regards to the overarching story. For what it is though it’s a good filler, but nothing more than that.


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