Memories- Yoshi Touch & Go


Around the time I got my first DS I kept seeing commercials for this awesome new Yoshi game. It wasn’t like any game I’d ever seen before. Not only do you play as Yoshi, but cute baby versions of Mario, Luigi, Wario, Peach, and Donkey Kong too. The game I am talking about of course is Yoshi’s Island DS. If you haven’t noticed that is not the game the title of this article advertises. That is because I have never played Yoshi’s Island DS. I saw this in a store for $20, got excited because it was so new, bought it, and quickly realized I made a mistake.


I did not like this game when I first played it. I was so upset that I bought the wrong game. It was too hard for me and I didn’t like how the controls were touchscreen only. Over time it slowly grew on me. When you first start out there are only two modes; marathon and score attack. In both you start as baby Mario falling from the sky. You draw clouds on the touch screen to guide him away from obstacles. You also draw circles around coins and enemies to earn points. At the end you are dropped on your Yoshi and the adventure begins. You want a lot of points because the more points the better the yoshi, the better the yoshi the more eggs it can throw.


So the bulk of the game is the same in every mode. There are only minor differences in the goals you strive for. You draw cloud paths to guide Yoshi over obstacles. You tap on the screen to make Yoshi throw eggs. They’re limits depend on the color Yoshi, but either way it’s best to use them sparingly. The goal is not to get hit and reach the end. It’s a very arcade like game with a Nintendo twist. The touch controls work very well. Overall it’s a very fun fast-paced platformer. There are a variety of modes with plenty of challenge for even the hardcore player. Definitely unlike any Yoshi, and made unique because of it.



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