The Purr-fect Hero

It’s Kids Day in the Pokemon world. Our trio fights a little over what they should do for the holiday. During the gang’s scuffle they get confused for Pokemon trainers visiting a preschool. Reiko the teacher learns quickly that they aren’t when the real trainers cancel on her. Since she’s sad and Brock likes her face the gang volunteers to let the children play with their Pokemon.


Ash and co. are taken to see the children. Immediately they start messing with Pikachu and nearly all of them get shocked. The teacher calms them down thankfully. Everyone releases their Pokemon for the kids to play with. Misty notices one little boy, named Timmy isn’t playing with the Pokemon. More than anything Timmy wants to meet a meowth. One saved him from a wild beedril attack. Now meowth is the only Pokemon he wants to meet.


Team Rocket bursts in on the scene with a Pokemon magic show themed trap. They use this scheme to swipe Pikachu by making it disappear.  When they feel like they’ve won they reveal themselves to Ash and the gang. After some child related chaos Weezing uses a smokescreen to escape quickly. In the confusion Timmy goes straight for Meowth, which leads to Pikachu being released from the trap. The gang discovers Timmy went with Team Rocket instead.


Timmy’s crying and very scared when Team Rocket takes him out of the box. He becomes excited again when he sees Meowth. Team Rocket uses the revelation of Meowth being Timmy’s hero to their advantage. Surprisingly Jessie and James just don’t want to ruin a kid’s dreams on Kid’s Day. They pretend to attack Timmy and have Meowth rescue him.


Meowth takes Timmy back to the preschool. He still acts like the hero meowth that doesn’t talk. The whole class starts playing with Meowth. While being showered with praise Meowth accidentally speaks. It has no choice but to run away, sadly the children follow. Team Rocket tries attacking again, and are defeated by a variety of our trio’s Pokemon. It’s almost over when a boulder nearly crushes Ash and Timmy. It ends up being the wild meowth from Timmy’s story that saves them. Timmy gets to be reunited with his hero. He’s inspired to be a trainer like all our main characters and to enter the Pokemon League with his new Meowth someday.


Any Surprises?

  • Brock’s a bit salty over the Princess Festival
  • James had an Olympic sized pool and got to eat ice cream sandwiches all day on Kids Day
  • Reiko can get scary
  • Misty finally releases a Pokemon that’s not Psyduck
  • James is the lovely assistant
  • Team Rocket doesn’t want to destroy a kid’s dreams

There isn’t much to say about this one. I liked it better than the previous episode. It took the special holiday theme and made it much less mean spirited. At the same time it’s another our gang gets roped into saving the day. There wasn’t anything overtly bad. The kids are pretty annoying. All they seem to do is accidentally attack things with their love. Timmy was okay though. He had a solid little story about wanting to be reunited with the Pokemon that save them. I also do enjoy it when Team Rocket doesn’t act totally evil. Fine episode, nothing more than average.


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