Journeys through Pokemon AshGray: Day 10

Continuing from last time I made it through the last through trainers and entered Lavender Town. Instead of going straight for Lavender Tower I started with a house that had a sign in front. It was a Pokemon adoption agency. Since my Pikachu loved me so much, the owner, Mr.Fuji’s son allowed me to adopt a Pokemon. There’s only four options; a rattata, pidgey, oddish, and spearow. I decided to pick Rattata since all the other Pokemon had types represented on my team. I think this a cute extra the game adds, any NPC that gives away Pokemon is a good one in my book.


Overall the town is way bleaker than the anime, or even the game. Pokemon and people death is super explicit. Fortunately the Pokemon Tower is just as silly as in the anime. There’s a dark room with lots of holes. Falling down a hole leads to a room full of ghosts. You can’t identify them, so you can’t find them. There’s a room to a kitchen. I fell into the food moving prank and Haunter came out. It’s only Haunter in the game and you still have an out of body experience. It only lasted a minute though then Haunter joined my team.


I went back to Sabrina super confident with my Hauntner. No matter where in your party it’s in you can choose it to fight right when challenging Sabrina, which I did. I forgot that Haunter messes around and leaves you in the anime. Her level 35 Kadabra knocked out my level 27 Pikachu in one shot. It’s my highest level Pokemon. I was hoping for a forced loss with Haunter coming out and making her laugh, but that didn’t happen. I didn’t have to go back in the doll house though I just was transported to the Pokemon Center in Lavender Town, the last one I used.


I ran back to Saffron City. Side note I noticed a building with a sign I never saw before. It was an insane asylum with a reference to one of my favorite movies. Why is this here I don’t know. The movie is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It’s about Jack Nicholson’s character stuck in an insane asylum with the abusive Nurse Ratched. I don’t know if this other NPC is a further reference to the movie or just one of Jack Nicholson as the Joker, I don’t care it’s pretty great. Eventually I’ll get back to Sabrina. (Hopfully before Nurse Ratched keeps me locked in with the patients.)





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