Princess vs. Princess

There’s a princess festival going on today. This means Misty and Jessie gets tons of special privileges, while the guys get to carry the bags. Jessie and Misty both use the day to buy lots of goodies using special women discounts.


While showing off her purchases a stray lickitung starts eating all the presents Jessie bought for the boss. She starts fighting it with Arbok, but lickitung just paralyzes it with it’s tongue. Jessie ends up having the last laugh though, she manages to capture it without battle.


All the men are so tired of all the shopping. Misty and Jessie start fighting over some clothes. Soon they hear of a princess contest where the winner gets a set of pokedolls and a picture with a celebrity. Jessie and Misty decide to settle their fight over the contest. Misty and Jessie get all dressed up and are ready to compete. It isn’t just a beauty contest though, they also must have a battle tournament.


Misty borrows some Pokemon from Ash and Brock. She also reveals why the tournament means so much to her. She never had her own dolls before, just her sister’s broken hand-me-downs. Misty ends up getting to use Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Vulpix for the tournament. Jessie also “borrows” (or takes) Weezing and Meowth to use for the tournament.


Misty and Jessie tear through the competition. Soon it becomes just the two of them in the finals. Jessie reveals she also never had a pokedoll of her own as a child, so she’s just as determined as Misty. Pikachu defeats Arbok, Weezing, and Meowth all in one shot. She’s just left with Lickitung. The appearance of this new Pokemon shocks our heroes.

Misty struggles against this new threat. Misty’s down to just Psyduck rather quickly. Psyduck is unaffected by any licking paralysis. It ends up getting a headache and releases major power on Lickitung. Team Rocket’s sent blasting off, and Misty becomes the Princess Festival Queen. In one final act of pettiness Misty sends her new dolls back to Cerulean City to make her sisters jealous. The episode does end on a heartwarming note as James, Meowth, and all their Pokemon dress like dolls to cheer up Jessie.


Any Surprises?

  • Pikachu has to carry Misty’s bags too
  • Jessie catches a Lickitung
  • The princess contest announcer can transform into Pokemon at will
  • Wait where’s togepi?
  • Meowth forgets he’s a Pokemon
  • James and Meowth cheering up Jessie

I’m glad Misty and Jessie are the focus of an episode for once. Especially Misty, even though I find her obnoxious it’s shocking how little focus her and Brock get. The contest is a really interesting concept. I was happy to see it went beyond just the lady characters looking super pretty. It’s also really great how supportive our male characters are toward their female companions. Both good and bad guys just want to make their ladies happy. I think Team Rocket actually puts more effort into supporting Jessie seeing as they become dolls just so she can live her dream. It’s just a shame this episode really brings out the worst in Jessie and Misty.


I hated the beginning of this episode. I want to watch Jessie and Misty shop just as much as the dudes do. It doesn’t help that they just don’t care about their friends in this episode. They both also act bratty, selfish, and entitled. None of those characteristics are out of character for either of them, but in an episode where they’re the stars it just becomes too much. The episode does improve by the time Jessie catches Lickitung and the tournament is introduce. The sense of entitlement never seems to fade which kinda puts a damper on what should be a highlight for both characters.

The episode isn’t bad overall, but really hampered by focusing too much on the negative qualities on the two ladies. It somewhat helps giving them sympathetic reasons for fighting so hard, but by then most of the episode is over. It’s not a boring episode, it keeps a steady pacing. It even has plot relevance with Lickitung being caught. I just really wish Jessie and Misty got more development  with all their main screen time like James did in Holy Matrimony!


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