Who Gets to Keep Togepi?

As soon as he gets to the Pokemon Center, Ash is told to go call Professor Oak. He doesn’t seem to want anything with Ash, but it does serve as a reminder that Muk exists. Eventually Oak does get to the point. There’s an upgrade to the Pokedex he can give as right there over the phone.


Brock’s been taking extremely good of the egg Ash found back in Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon. He even sleeps with it at night to keep it warm. Team Rocket overhears them and decides they must have that egg.


Ash and the crew finally decide on a place to travel; Cinnabar Island. Before they can start going there Team Rocket tries using a good old disguise to switch a fake egg with the Pokemon egg. Their egg ends up on the group with a large amount of similarly designed eggs. While Ash and the crew look Meowth happens to swipe it first, and Team Rocket runs off.


Meowth decided he will hatch the egg. Jessie and James kinda make fun of him for it. He basically is going as far as Brock was with the egg. Our heroes are literally on their trail, they left behind fake eggs everywhere. It leads them to Team Rocket’s cabin. Pidgeotto, Geodude, and Psyduck are sent in to reclaim the egg. Meowth uses a smokescreen very well to get the egg back in his possession.  After being swapped between characters so many times  and nearly breaking, Pikachu is left with the egg.


The egg begins glowing and cracking. What comes out is something truly unusual; a happy little Togepi. Misty immediately cuddles up to the cute little thing. Team Rocket still wants to battle and Pikachu finishes it with a thundershock. Ash and the gang use the newly upgraded dex to learn more about Togepi. They all fawn over it,  but the joys of birth are short-lived. The trio begin fighting over who gets the Togepi. Even Meowth claims his right to the baby Pokemon.


Everyone agrees the only fair way to decide Togepi’s owner is by Pokemon tournament. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Meowth fight with only one Pokemon each. Brock faces Meowth in the first battle. Meowth acts as his own trainer while facing Onix. He does pretty good against the rock type, he looks toward Togepi for inspiration. Meowth beats Onix by dumping buckets of water on it.  Meowth moves on to the next round.


The second round is Ash’s Bulbasaur vs. Misty’s Psyduck. Ash is too smart to accidentally give Psyduck a headache. Instead he uses Bulbasaur to tickle Psyduck into submission. This just leaves Meowth and Ash, who uses Pikachu. Since Pikachu has a lot of practice fighting Meowth the battle is extremely quick. Jessie and James drag Meowth’s charred body away in failure. Ash is happy to have Togepi, but there’s one problem. Since Misty cuddled up to it so fast when it hatched, she was the first thing it saw and believes her to be it’s mother. It can’t go to anyone else because of this.


Any Surprises?

  • Professor Oak seems to hate Muk
  • Misty thinks a Tentacruel, not a tentacool will hatch from the egg
  • Brock’s not much brighter hoping for a Golem, not a geodude
  • Meowth is shockingly motherly
  • Second instance of a generation II Pokemon
  • Meowth is his own trainer
  • The tournaments rendered pointless by Togepi’s imprinting

I almost forgot Ash found this egg. It hasn’t appeared in either episode since it was discovered. I may have just not noticed it, but either way it was not prominent until now. That’s pretty contrived of them. Especially since it happened to be the same episode Professor Oak happens to upgrade the pokedex so they can later identify Togepi.  The very beginning of this episode is very annoying because things like this are very noticeable. Other the contrivances that the episode is pretty good.


I should hate how the tournament becomes pointless thanks to Misty being imprinted in Togepi. I really should, but the tournament is just so fun that I don’t care. It’s dumb that Misty gets Togepi for that one reason, and her treatment of Psyduck still proves she doesn’t deserve nice things. Fortunately it’s Meowth really makes this episode something special. He hasn’t been portrayed with this much personality yet. He really grows to care about Togepi and there were times I wanted him to win. Even though he cheats against Brock it’s played sympathetically since Meowth has grown to attached to Togepi. It also helps that Meowth jumping between the battlefield and sidelines to be his own trainer is extremely amusing.


Even though it’s mostly Misty that wins in the end, this really feels like Team Rocket’s episode. They get a very large amount of screen time. It’s mostly Meowth, but Jessie and James play good supporting roles. I was honestly surprised that they didn’t even burst in during the tournament to try and take Togepi unfairly. They let Meowth have his moment. They admit they knew he’d fail, but they just accept the loss for once without having to blast off. It’s pretty nice seeing that side of Team Rocket.


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