So Near, Yet So Farfetch’d

Our heroes start the story sitting around telling tales of the Pokemon, farfetch’d. It’s a very rare Pokemon since it’s a popular meal. Ash and Brock leave to find some water. As Misty’s left alone a wandering farfetch’d comes to her. She wants it bad since it’s so rare. It leaves her and she goes after it. Her frantic running leads her straight into a boy named Keith.


Misty goes back to camp since her accident caused her to lose farfetch’d. Misty’s day gets even worse when she discovered all her Pokemon are gone. She assumes she just grabbed the wrong one, but Kieth actually just swiped it. He’s owns Farfetch’d and they work together to rip people off.


Keith and Farfetch’d targets Team Rocket next. Keith pretends to make a deal with Team Rocket. He claims he’s done raising Pokemon and wishes someone could just take them off his hands. He leaves them with some bait, which they of course take. As Team Rocket leaves on a boat it sinks and Farfetch’d gets away. They lose Weezing, Arbok, and (due to a sceduling error) Jessie’s not yet caught Lickitung to Keith.


Misty reports her theft to Officer Jenny. Apparently Misty’s the fifth victim of the backpack switching scam. Keith has a tender moment reminiscing with his Farfetch’d. He only steals because they’re both too weak to battle. Psyduck manages to wiggle free of it’s pokeball, cause savant. While this happens both Team Rocket and our heroes with Officer Jenny are narrowing in on Keith the thief. Psyduck finds it’s way to Misty while they search for Misty’s Pokemon.


Misty tries abusing Psyduck into leading her to Keith. Team Rocket makes it to him first. He cons his way past Team Rocket once again by giving them a backpack full of pokeballs. He gets caught by the heroes on his way out. They confront him, but he tries to justify his actions by saying he had no choice because they’re too weak to battle. Brock calls him out on this thinking and only Farfetch’d agrees to a battle. It goes against Bulbasaur. Keith tries to stop Farfetch’d as it’s losing even with the type advantage. It manages to get the upper hand on Bulbsaur and really shows Keith it’s true potential.


Keith regrets using it for stealing after learning it’s true power. Misty fights against Farfetch’d next. With only Psyduck she manages to trick Farfetch’d into giving her Pokemon a huge headache. Psyduck’s power explodes and Misty gets her victory over Keith. Team Rocket got a backpack full of Voltorbs thanks to Keith. Karma comes back to him as they end up dropping all over him and our heroes. This event makes him swear off crime. He gives back all the Pokemon and turns over a new leaf thanks to Ash and co.

Any Surprises?

  • People eat farfetch’d
  • People are fighting over such a lackluster Pokemon
  • Misty thinks farfetch’d is an incredible Pokemon
  • How did Keith know there was a Staryu and Starmie if he never opened the pokeballs?
  • Team Rocket plans to eat Farfetch’d
  • Team Rocket and Ash’s gang never interacted once


This one just felt very meh all the way though. It should be interesting. I like that the character of the day doesn’t just need our heroes for help. They’ve had antagonistic one off characters before, but not any that got this much screen time. Half the episode is full of Keith, heck he even gets a bit of backstory. Team Rocket and Ash’s crew never event interact once, that’s pretty unique for Pokemon. Even with the not so typical ways the plot unfolds it just can’t cover up the real problem; Keith. He’s not interesting or likable enough for the screen-time he gets.  They try to make him sympathetic, but he’s just too smug for that. It’s also ridiculous that his sad backstory hinges on a “weak” Pokemon that he clearly never tried using. I’d usually say at least Ash learned sometime, but even he got so little focus I doubt he did. Fortunately there’s no chance of seeing Keith again any time soon.



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