Memories- Nintendogs

There was once a time when Nintendogs were everywhere. There was like five different versions and everyone I knew who had a DS had one of them. The one I had was dachsund & friends. It was one of my first DS games along with Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue TeamNaturally this was the game I played the least out of all of them. To this day I don’t know why my parents bought me this game. They knew I hated dogs due to a traumatic childhood incident with one. At the very least this game gave me a unique experience I never had with a Nintendo system before.


It’s a very simple game, you pick a dog and you take care of it. If you’d like you may take it on walks on enter it in contests. Besides that it’s basically all on you to find enjoyment. Currently the dog I possess in my old DS cart is a golden retriever named Waffle. Somehow it’s still alive after at least 9 years without food or water. It’s not the only dog I’ve had. There’s been at least 3 or 4. When I got bored with one I’d reset the game and start again. I never thought owning two dogs at once was fun and I could never abandon it in game. Somehow to me completely erasing it from existence was the more humane option.


Most of my time was spent going on walks. I loved finding presents with new accessories and meeting fellow dog owners. Sometimes I’d enter a contest. I only bothered with agility and frisbee. I never had the patience for the obedience contest. It was fun for a while. I don’t think I could ever go back to it (sorry Waffle), but I can see how important it really was for the DS. It’s the first game I played that used only the touch screen. It was not only a great way to show off how it controls, but it also eased players into the controls with some low-stakes gameplay. So at least it has that to be remembered by.


2 thoughts on “Memories- Nintendogs

  1. This was the very first game I bought for the DS. I had the original DS, the big blue clunky one. My friends and I would spend our lunch hour hanging out with our virtual dogs or on PictoChat. I had the version you’ve got in your featured photo, and it made me choke up a little bit. All those nostalgic games, even though they’re just barely over ten years old.

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