Journeys through Pokemon AshGray: Day 9

After a few uneventful days we’ve finally had a rush of activity. First I arrived in Porta Vista. I visited Moe’s restaurant where he’s having troubles competing with Brutella’s. This was easy to solve all I had to do was go into her restaurant and convince two people to try Moe’s. He was so grateful he gave me a large pearl. Mom and Professor Oak were chilling in Moe’s place too. They didn’t offer anything just adding some flavor to the adventure. Gary was in town too, but he didn’t want to battle.

maxresdefault (1)¬†Continuing north from Porta Vista was Nastina and her hotel development. This was solved very quickly. Instead of a swarm of tentacool, all I had to do was fight four tentacool that merged into one tentacruel. Ignoring the fact that evolution does not work that way, I fought the thing. It was surprisingly tough. It was one hitting all of my Pokemon with either sludge bomb or hydro pump. It wasn’t until my second attempt that I beat it. I got lucky, it kept trying to use toxic on Ivysaur. It never got poisoned, instead it set up a leech seed and began chipping away at it’s health. After it’s defeat the construction is shut down and I was ferried across the sea.


I like how it had that whole new strip of activity inserted in. It’s back to business though. Time to head to Saffron City. I did get sidetracked on the way. There was this herd of Butterfree looking for mates. I had to get mine out of the Pokemon Center and let her have a happy ending. I had to go to Saffron for one. This lead me straight into the strange little girl that drove me toward the city. Then I got stuck in a Team Rocket trap, but that one was over super quick. I claimed Butterfree, bought it a yellow scarf, and set it free to pick a mate. She chose the pink one and with her scarf it couldn’t resist. The two flew happily into the sunset. Now I head to Saffron. I know from the anime that Sabrina awaits me there. I can’t be afraid of her though, I must press on.



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