Journeys through Pokémon AshGray: Day 8

Another kinda short one. Finished grinding through the St. Anne. After meeting with the captain some events begin happening. First going back to the main floor James is currently buying his Magikarp. You don’t battle him, he just gets fooled by the salesman. Other grunts start appearing on the bottom floor. A door that was locked is now opened. it has a hatchet. It was a random find for sure. Once again you fight Jessie and James, they’re still not difficult.

Screenshot_20170726-172741The shipwreck goes by very fast. Instead of having to make your way though large water filled corridors I was thrown into a room with a cracked wall. The hatchet was enough to free me. Now I was swimming in the ocean.  Jessie and James were there too. James’ Magikarp evolved into Gyarados and attacked them. This lead the Gyarados to turn on me. I ended up battling it, which ended with it calling its friends and sending me away.


I was blown to a strange island with all my Pokémon gone. It wasn’t a safe place a giant Zapdos and freaky giant Pikachu roamed about. It was easy to collect all my Pokémon up. They didn’t get to go on their own subtitled adventure this time. I was safely able to head to shore, really this island bit took minutes. I landed on Porta Vista and fought some trainers on the beach. Charmeleon still won’t obey me which is starting to get super old. Hopefully whatever triggers it to obey happens soon.



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