A Chansey Operation

Tragedy strikes as Pikachu gets hurt playing in an apple tree. Something seems to be stuck in it’s throat. They try to find a Pokémon Center, but there isn’t any in the town they’re at. Instead they have to rely on Dr.Proctor, a human doctor. He isn’t interested in helping Pikachu, only Misty.


Only at Misty’s request does he look at Pikachu. He uses a defibrillator to re-energize Pikachu. This gives Doc a chance to reach into it’s mouth and remove the obstruction. Through a massive electric shock Proctor is able to remove an apple from Pikachu’s throat.


As our heroes are kicked out of the clinic Proctor gets a call from Nurse Joy. He doesn’t care enough to answer, but Ash does. A large number of Pokémon were injured in a truck accident (caused by Team Rocket) and they need to be sent to the human hospital temporarily. Proctor orders our heroes to help treat all the Pokémon.


Ash, Misty, and Brock begin taking care of Pokémon. After a few hiccups they really get the hang of it. Team Rocket are in the hospital too. They’re Pokémon were injured in the accident too. Arbok is all tied in a knot. Ash is against helping them, but Proctor goes through with it anyway. He explains to Ash that a doctor needs to heal patients, not judge them. By flirting with Jessie he convinces her and James to help patients too. During this Meowth is having  a breakdown due to losing it’s head charm.


With everyone working together things seem to be running smoothly. Things take a turn when Proctor accidently injects himself with an anesthetic after trying to sooth an angry dodrio. Ash takes the initiative to start attacking Pokémon into submission.


Team Rocket uses this opportunity to try and steal some Pokémon. They hold down Ash and the gang, but run into a snag with the hospital Chansey’s. Arbok and Weezing don’t want to fight the Pokémon that helped them. Proctor wakes up and is ready to cut the fools with some scalpels. Team Rocket doesn’t leave empty handed. James managed to grap a voltorb that sends them blasting off. Meowth gets a happy ending too, his charm grows back. Proctor offers our heroes a place to stay and learn more about being a doctor, but they all refuse and continue their journey.

Any Surprises?

  • Dr. Proctor’s attracted to a ten year old Misty
  • For someone who claims he can’t help Pokémon, he seems to know a lot about Pokémon anatomy
  • Meowth is super sad that it lost it’s gold head charm
  • Brock hates a guy who shamelessly hits on women
  • Ash further injuring Pokémon to help them

45.6This is one where you need to turn any sense of logic and reality off. Mixing Pokémon and a medical setting should not work together. Everything is literally solved with superglue and bandages. Being dumb is the biggest problem with this episode. This leads into the second problem, Dr. Proctor. He’s the cause of the dumb plot. I don’t understand why he convinces children to help him do his job. It’s just another contrived character of the day plot. It’s why you need your brain off because a doctor being this person begging for help is pretty wrong.


Now for the good. I’m a sucker for episodes that use Pokémon creatively. The injuries were done well done and the different ways they had to be handled were also good. It’s also another great scenario of our heroes and Team Rocket having to work together. There’s not too much to praise because it’s very straight forward. The majority of the episode is just solving problems in various Pokémon. There’s a good variety of them and they all have a unique injury. It’s a fun episode with a twist on the formula. It’s nothing more than that, but that’s all it needs to be.


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