Journeys through Pokémon AshGray: Day 7

Screenshot_20170725-164415Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how much you like my writing this will be a short one. I’m still on the St. Anne. Nurse Joy is my best friend right now. I’ve grinded through at least twenty trainers. Charmeleon is still not cooperating. He managed to fall asleep in a battle against a Magikarp, twice in a row actually. I know it’s not fun fighting magikarps but come on buddy don’t do me like that. Another thing of note is I met the Magikarp salesman, but did not buy one. As long as Wartortle continues behaving I will not need it. At the end of the ship was the man bragging about his “Ratic8”. I beat him thanks to Wartortle (and not Charmeleon). He offered me a trade for my Buterfree, but that little guy is stuck in boxland. I have no regrets.



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