Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon

Ash and the gang are traveling through the mysterious Grampa Canyon. Some sort of excavation is happening around them. Indiana Gary tells everyone about the great fossil rush. This causes Ash to want to find his own Pokémon fossil before Gary does. Oh and little jigglypuff  from last episode continues to follow our heroes.


Brock finds it strange that no one’s found any fossils yet. Ash and co. catch Team Rocket planning to blow up the canyon. Ash runs straight in to stop Team Rocket, while Misty and Brock warn the excavators. With Squirtle’s help Ash chases the dynamite fuse. Through shenanigans Team Rocket and Ash end up rolling right into the dynamite. The explosion sends them deep underground. Squirtle’s the only one not buried under a pile of rubble.


Team Rocket, Ash and Pikachu struggle to find a way out. They see mysterious Pokémon watching them. Specifically kabuto, kabutops, omanyte, and omastar who are all extinct Pokémon. None of the Pokémon are happy to see intruders. Ash tries using Charmeleon, but it still doesn’t want to obey. All anyone can do is run from the Pokémon and await their rescue. Brock and Misty are trying hard to save Ash, even if Misty only cares about getting a new bike.


Ash and Team Rocket become relieved when the prehistoric Pokémon disappear. It’s short lived as an aerodactyl comes to attack. Charmeleon finally decides to do something and goes against the winged beat. Fortunately Misty and Brock come to the rescue. Right before he’s freed Ash is grabbed by the aerodactyl. Misty sees jigglypuff and uses it to stop aerodactyl. Charmeleon wants this fight though, it evolves into Charizard just so it can fight aerodactyl in the sky.


Charizard doesn’t care about saving Ash, it just wants a good fight. Jigglypuff finally gets to sing. As aerodactyl falls asleep it drops Ash. In a sweet moment Charizard goes to catch him. Aerodactyl falls back underground and is buried. While asleep Ash comes in contact with a mysterious egg. Since everyone fell asleep once again jigglypuff draws on everyone. The whole aerodactyl event is written off as a fever dream and the dig site is shut down. It’s also revealed Team Rocket never escaped the underground cavern.

Any Surprises

  • Jigglypuff returns
  • Pikachu trying to stop the dynamite with a thunderbolt, then its face when it realizes it made a huge mistake
  • Ash may be dead and all Misty wants is a new bike
  • Ash doesn’t know what a carnivore is
  • Charmeleon evolved after like two episodes

This was an excellent Pokémon episode. Sure it still had the same cheesiness, cheapness, and Misty opening her mouth. Man though what they do with the plot is pretty great when compared to everything before it. I knew when Team Rocket was getting foiled so soon this was going to be a change in formula. It was a great incorporation of the idea of extinct Pokémon. It’s never explained why they were somehow alive, but that honestly made everyone’s fear mean so much more.


They don’t know how to go against these Pokémon. The attempts they make at first fail. Ash and Team Rocket are helpless and can only run. That is such a stark contrast from anything else seen before. The episode that comes closest would be Island of the Giant Pokemon. In that episode they couldn’t fight back against the giants, they lost their Pokémon. In this one they have nothing to compete with. Even with Charmeleon evolving it still can’t keep up with Aerodactyl. Their fight was great though. Even if Charizard doesn’t seem to care about Ash’s well being seeing to flying monsters battle in the sky is a pretty intense scene.

Jigglypuff being a Chekov’s gun was brilliant. I never expected to see it again after last episode. Things just don’t come back in Pokémon if it isn’t caught. I loved that it wasn’t just a gag. Throughout the episode it’s more comic relief, but when Misty of all people gets the idea to use it to stop the aerodactyl it became something else. I’m just amazed that a joke character in Pokémon was given a real purpose in solving the plot.


Besides action it still had the heart of Pokémon. It was touching to see Brock and Misty try so hard to save Ash. It’s even shown how much of a challenge moving all that rubble is. I still can’t get over that little scene with Charizard saving Ash instead of officially beating aerodactyl. It shows that sweet loyal Pokémon is still in there. To top it all off Ash gets rewarded for his struggles this episode, now there’s a new mystery with the egg that’s going to lead to a rewarding resolution.


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