The Song of Jigglypuff

After wandering around some kind of wilderness our heroes enter Neon Town. It’s a bright, loud place where no one gets enough sleep. This causes both our heroes and Team Rocket to fight with testy tired citizens. Ash and the gang quickly leave the noise of Neon Town and go to the forest. Here they find a little jigglypuff. Misty attacks it and makes it cry.


Ash learns jigglypuff sings a pleasant tune, so they try to get it to sing. They find out jigglypuff can’t sing. Misty makes it cry again because she’s insensitive. Team Rocket gets the plan to use jigglypuff to put Neon Town to sleep so they can rob it. Through the power of song Team Rocket tries to attack. Bulbasaur and Staryu are enough to send the fiends away.


Misty is trying hard to help jigglypuff. Brock’s idea of giving it a healing fruit ends up being what restores it’s voice. Everyone’s thrilled to hear jigglypuff singing. They let it sing it’s full song for them. They find out jigglypuff songs put people to sleep. Jigglypuff’s super angry and takes out it’s rage by drawing on everyone including Team Rocket’s face.


Ash and co. wake up to an angry jigglypuff. They try hard to find an audience for jigglypuff, but even their Pokémon fall asleep. Even Psyduck fell asleep with it’s eyes open. Our heroes get the idea to have Jigglypuff sing for Neon Town, since they never sleep anyway. Team Rocket goes in disguise and help them by giving them an outdoor stage. The whole town hears jigglypuff’s song and fall asleep. Even though they all get their faces drawn on by jigglypuff it’s okay, they wake up well rested and nicer.


Any Surprises?

  • Team Rocket getting assaulted
  • Misty making Jigglypuff cry
  • Team Rocket’s song
  • Team Rocket’s aware they’re  a cartoon
  • Jigglypuff manages to draw on all of Neon City’s citizens while they sleep

Instead of a person today our heroes help a Pokémon. This is kinda nice after last episodes near contrived ridiculousness. Neon Town is pretty obnoxious. I did not like their Officer Jenny. It proved the point of how sleep deprived everything is at least. It’s also too bad no one caught jigglypuff. I was sure someone would since it got so much screen time. I think the end was hinting it’ll be back though.


The majority of the episode was in the forest. It was a calm contrast to Neon Town. Even if she was awful at first, even Misty showed a lot of heart in trying to help jigglypuff. Episodes like these where no on makes our heroes help anyone really show their nobility. It was pretty funny when jigglypuff just straight up drew all over their faces. It was just so over the top and unexpected.  Even Team Rocket trying to help just to help themselves had a clever resolution. Overall a simple plot, with a lot of charm thanks to the earnest desire to help a creature.



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