Journeys through Pokémon AshGray: Day 6

There was a casualty this day. With trainers having Pokémon in their 20s there is no way I can raise up four level 10s while keeping Pidgeotto and Pikachu up to standard. The short irony was great, but Meowth had to be boxed. Now I’m really like Ash Ketchum. Taking one more detour I went to Bill’s lighthouse. He was stuck as a Kabuto and talks about Pokémon mysticism. Unless I did something wrong there’s nothing else. No Dragonite encounter or anything, he just shows you it’s picture.


The Vermillion City Gym was pretty tough. Bulbasaur was able to evolve, but Squirtle and Charmander are still weak. There was a trainer with an Electabuzz that I had real trouble with. Without Pikachu there was no way I would have won. That wasn’t the case with Lt.Surge’s Raichu. I came very close thanks to Ivysaur’s leech seed. Those mega kicks and body slams knocked out my whole team in almost one shot each. Another nice touch with Nurse Joy talking about Pikachu evolving, but I declined.


After several more losses against Lt.Surge and a small grind session later I felt confident going against him. All of my new Pokémon had evolved and caught up quick. I was going against him with Charmeleon, Wartortle (mewtwo, tentacruel, aerodactyl), Ivysaur, Pidgeotto, and Pikachu as my ringer. I started with Charmeleon, I quickly learned it no longer listened to me so that was great. After it went down without obeying a single order the rest of the team chipped away at Raichu. It ended up with Pikachu beating it with a barrage of quick attacks.


After the gym it was time for the St. Anne. As the game calls them, a pair of dopey girls (Team Rocket) give me some free tickets. I hop on board as the ship sails away. This makes me nervous as I usually go back and forth from the ship to the Pokémon Center. Thankfully this game has a Nurse Joy front and center on the ship.



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