The Problem with Paras

Our heroes have to stop in a small town to stock up on supplies. While this happens poor Meowth is sick.  Jessie and James nearly leave him behind just so they can catch Pikachu. A young woman named Cassandra, sees how sick Meowth is and scolds his friends for trying to leave him. She uses herbs to heal him. This act of kindness causes Meowth to become attracted to her.


Cassandra’s grandma has a potion shop that our heroes stop at. Naturally Cassandra has a problem that needs to be solved, specifically by Ash and the gang. Cassandra has a Paras she needs to evolve. Parasect has a mushroom that would really help with her potions. Pikachu and Paras battle with a twist, Ash is already set to let Paras win. He tries using a variety of Pokemon, but Paras can’t seem to beat any of them. Most upsetting is when Ash tries his new Charmeleon, it refuses to listen to Ash. Charmeleon’s power causes Paras to run away.


Meowth is still super grateful towards Cassandra. He finds Paras and convinces Jessie and James to help it evolve. Meowth’s goal in this is to end up as Cassandra’s Pokemon. Using Arbox and Weezing, Paras is able to win some battles. Mostly this gives Paras confidence as the battles are super fixed. Ash and the gang find Paras with it’s new super confidence. Ash battles it again. Team Rocket reveals they helped train it and cheer Paras on. It still struggles with an out of control Charmeleon, but surprisingly ends up the victor.


Paras evolves into Parasect and now Cassandra’s dream can be achieved. Parasect is able to calm Charmeleon with it’s new spore attack. Our heroes say goodbye to Cassandra, all while making it sound like they’ll see her again. Meowth and Team Rocket blast in on her. To Meowth’s disappointment Cassandra doesn’t want to rip him away from Team Rocket. She decides to pamper a Persian in place so that he can continue being a hero.


Any Surprises?

  • Cheeseburgers are nice Ash
  • Jessie and James thinking it’s okay to leave Meowth because he has eight more lives
  • Pokemon in the anime evolve by winning battles
  • Poor Meowth can’t win


This was a pretty sweet episode between Cassandra and her Paras. There’s a subplot of Ash concerned over Charmeleon’s obedience that I actually liked. Cassandra’s grandma is the one to tell him he needs more experience as a trainer to control it. I like this more than the usual belittle Ash’s naivety. This is mostly because it comes from a much older person, and is more matter of fact. She doesn’t consider it a problem only Ash has because he’s stupid. It’s treated more as an opportunity for him to start growing.

The plot itself is pretty okay. It’s a fun challenge to see Ash struggle to lose battles. It was pretty ridiculous how quickly the plot started. All a one of character had to do was see Ash and co. to decide they were her saviors. I felt for Meowth a bit too. It’s kinda sad to see him so desperate to help a stranger just because he isn’t used to kindness. Overall an average episode. I do wish our heroes had more screen focus, but still it was alright.


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