Journeys through Pokemon AshGray: Day 5

There was a strange forest off of Route 5, naturally I had to check it out. Good thing too, it turned out to be the Hidden Village. There was nothing in it, except a strange invisible object. Fortunately there was a second entrance closer to the top of the route. A lone Oddish was waiting for me. Bulbasaur came and protected it. I followed the Bulbasaur, it lead me to a pitfall. If I didn’t have an escape rope I don’t know what I would have done.


I met Melanie. She told me the story of the hidden village. She was the one who laid the pitfall traps to protect the injured Pokemon in her care. Bulbasaur volunteered to protect these Pokemon. It’s time for Bulbasaur to grow and see the world, like in the anime I had to battle it. I caught it, to my surprise it had an everstone equipped. That was a fun nod to the anime. I took it off though.


Basically five steps down from the exit to the Hidden Villiage lies a lone Charmander. It’s not raining or nothing so there’s no urgency to help it. Either way right below the Charmander there’s Pokemon Center. Inside is Charmander’s trainer, Damien. He’s still a big jerk, just less of one since his appearance in the game is short. You go get the Charmander who instantly joins you after talking to Damien. I was happy for it to join my team. It even has a lucky egg, another fun nod to the anime. I had to take it to the Pokemon Center right away. After I healed it, Damien was waiting for me outside. I beat him with ease. Charmander and Bulbasaur were level 10 and even they crushed his Pokemon.


A few more steps below this comes the Squirtle squad. This was the only one mandatory. Officer Jenny doesn’t let you go forward without confronting them. It’s a lot simpler. I was caught in it’s trap, fish it out of water, lose Pikachu, and fight through a cave to save Pikachu. The cave was dark and I don’t think I should have flash yet. I always hated dark caves. It was a good opportunity to level up my three new team members. Squirtle doesn’t need battled either, it joins. I noticed it had an item, I assumed an everstone since Ash never evolved it either. It was a pair of blackglasses. I actually laughed at this one. It’ll be a challenge to get all my new team members leveled up. If Ash can do it I sure can too!





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