The March of the Exeggutor Squad

Oh boy! Our heroes have wandered smack in the middle of a carnival. Misty and Pikachu separate from Ash and Brock. After riding some rides they stumble upon Melvin, a magician with a failing show. Melvin asks Misty to help him with his show.  She accepts, but unfortunately Ash and Brock see her in the show.


Melvin’s show relies on his Exeggcute. The small audience is not impressed. It doesn’t help that he loses control of his fire effects. This failed performance costs him his job at the carnival. Ash and the gang take pity on him and decide to help him improve his act. Melvin learns that his Exeggcute can control people with it’s hypnosis. He uses it to make Ash take him deep into the forest.


While in the forest Melvin gets Ash to battle all the wild Exeggcutor. Using Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander to weaken the Pokemon, Melvin captures them. Melvin plans on using all these Exeggcutor to brainwash people into seeing his show. Team Rocket interrupts his plans to steal all the Exeggcutor. The only one able to stand up for Melvin is Exeggcute, which promply evolves into another Exeggcutor. It rallies it’s fellow Exeggcutor  through hypnosis into stopping Team Rocket. Melvin loses control of his new herd and they run off into the carnival (along with Team Rocket, who thinks they’re Exeggcutor).


The gang more or less confront Melvin. All they know is they have to stop the rampaging Pokemon. It becomes a race against time as the carnival owner has set up a bomb to stop the Pokemon. Once again Ash uses his three starters to take on the horde. Only Charmander ends up being effective. There’s too many for Charmander alone and Melvin has to help fix his mistake through his fire magic. This wakes up all the Pokemon and they go back home to the forest, all except his original partner. All the battling helps Charmander too, it evolves into Charmeleon! Our heroes say goodbye to Melvin and head back on the road, continuing their journey.


Any Surprises? 

  • Ponyta-go-round
  • Melvin is super dramatic
  • Las Vegas in Pokemon
  • Ash is  a pretty decent magician
  • That’s not how hypnosis works
  • James wants to knock the cholesterol out of Melvin
  • The Pokemon leave Melvin even though he technically owns them all


This episode has a really good setting. There’s a lot they could do with a Pokemon themed carnival. At first they show off some creative Pokemon themed set pieces, like a ponyta carousel. They magic show staring Pokemon is a fun idea as well (even if it does seem like cheating having the Pokemon do all the work). What ruins this episode is Melvin. He starts off annoying and whinny and his sudden shift into practically antagonist territory was so out of no where it was insulting. He gets off way too easy too, he really doesn’t get in trouble for causing a stampede of Pokemon. No one even calls him our for wanting to force people into seeing his show through mind control. Him forcing Ash to do his bidding isn’t even interesting to watch. He’s so callous toward’s Ash that it come’s off as mean spirited and again this behavior is out of nowhere. The only this episode contributes is Charmander evolves. This at least makes sense as it takes out a large amount of Exeggcutor first. It sadly doesn’t make up for the fact that the one off character ruined the episode. I don’t hate it, but even for Pokemon it causes the plot to be too contrived.



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