Memories: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

This particular game is always going to be connected to an unfortunate memory. I’ve always enjoyed rhythm games, and at this point (2011) I’d have considered myself a casual fan of final fantasy. I’ve played a couple games over the years, most notably the remake of IV on the DS.

I went into my one of two local GameStops and quickly walk over to the 3ds section. I find a used copy, which was 35$, I only bring that up because it’s like 5$ now. Anyway I go to pay and the cashier looks at little teenaged me and looks at the game. He don’t know me but only says “this isn’t an actual Final Fantasy game, it’s just the music. Is that okay?” I tell him yeah it’s exactly what I’m wanting. He replies “just making sure because girls don’t usually know what they’re getting.” I’ve been gaming since I was 3 and collecting since I was 10, and years later and I still connect that moment with this game. Fortunately it hasn’t altered my opinion on the game.


This is a great fan game. It stars a variety of characters from the main games. You can mix and match characters into a party and you’re ready to go. Each of the main games has five songs represented. There’s the prelude and end theme of each game, all of them play the same where you tap as notes circle into a crystal. They always bored me because the play style was too easy compared to the others.

6Each game also has a level themed around footage from the game. You simply tap or swipe (or press) as shown. This happens while the best scenes from the game play behind you. My favorite was always VIII. I’ve never played the game, but they use the famous dance sequence and it hits me every time. There’s also a an action stage and a field stage. Action stages are a battle where your party members attack if you hit the beat, occasionally they use a special attack. Levels and stats honestly never felt like they mattered, but it’s still fun to take down more enemies in one run. Finally the field stage is just your lead character walking a path. You guide them by tracing a path and swiping occasionally. If you miss a beat they fall and the next party member takes a turn.


As much enjoyment I get from this game, it’s not one I go back to. It does have a sequel, and it does everything better. All the songs from the first game are in it too, all it’s really missing are the video sequences. That makes the memory I have linked even sadder, because in truth it’s all the connection I have to it these days. I still have it, I never get rid of games. It did have a hand in creating my current love of Final Fantasy, and it really does live on through it’s own sequel.


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