Journeys through Pokemon AshGray: Day 4

I’m super pumped after beating Misty. Headed upward to route 19 to see no bridge or nuggets, just trainers all in a line. There is a sign that says the Pokemon Technical Institute is straight ahead. That seems like a good place to go. Butterfree was a godsend with Misty, but it’s lack of attacking moves (other than tackle) is really setting it back.


After winning against 10 consecutive trainers I end up not at the Poke-school, but A.J.’s unofficial gym. His Sandshrew is a shockingly high level of 28. Pikachu and Pidgeotto are only at 20. Amazingly my team was able to chip all it’s health away. I checked out his Pokemon inside his little gym. It wasn’t anything special, just a nice nod to the anime. It had all five of his other Pokemon inside.

I kept following the route. Not long into it, mysterious fog appeared. My first though was Ghost of Maiden’s Peak. It was actually the introduction of Joe and Pokemon Tech. His friends still run him on the treadmill. When you rescue him instead of being thanked, he battles you with his Weepinbell. It was so easy Butterfree beat it all on her own.


Following along the trail again was rough. There was a large amount of trainer battles. At the end was the destination; Pokemon Tech. It’s pretty impressive looking, a giant mansion covered in fog. Inside was nothing special, unless Giselle counts as special. You have to talk to her to fight though. She was pretty easy too, just her cubone. It wasn’t even as high of level as A.J.’s Sandshrew.


Now I head south to Vermillion City. Lord only knows if I make it there any faster than they did in the anime. I hope this means the starters are coming soon. I’m definitely replacing Butterfree. Fortunately on Route 5 I ran into a meowth of all things. I caught it easily thanks to Pikachu’s thunder wave. The irony of Ash using a Meowth is very hard to resist indeed.



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