Showdown at Dark City

Ash and the gang stumble upon a super sketchy town named Dark City. They’re basically assaulted with rocks all because this town considers Pokemon trainers to be bad people. Ash and Brock put on their best face while Misty acts arrogant as usual. A man explains that the town is in the middle of a gang war between the Yas and Kaz (illegitimate)gyms. Not plot relevant, but while exposition happens Pikachu is basically having an affair with a ketchup bottle. A gang fight breaks out on the streets.


Team Rocket’s apart of the war on Kaz gym’s side. They pick a fight with the man and Brock steps in with Vulpix of all things to stop them. Brock’s battle gets them recruited by the Yas gym. The three use aliases (Tom, Ann, and Cesar) and thanks to Brock’s hormones see what’s up with the rivals gyms. At the Yas gym we learn the leader’s Scyther is enraged by the color red. More importantly, Pikachu mourns the loss of it’s beloved ketchup bottle. Ash refuses to help them cause more violence with an empowered speech, at the cost of the Yas gym turning on them. They’re given no choice but to run away.


Ash and the gang regroup at the restaurant. Ash realizes it was the spilled ketchup that got Scyther all crazy. The same thing happens to Electabuzz at the Kaz gym. While this happens both gyms are waiting a visit from the Pokemon League Inspector to become legitimate.


The two gangs start there final battle, but Ash is already set up with his master plan. After an intense battle between both sides Ash sets off his ketchup trap. Both gang leaders (and Team Rocket) are covered in the stuff. This sets off both Electabuzz and Scyther, who turn on their trainers. He then covers the stuff on both the Pokemon, effectively ending the war.


Both sides call a truce so they can destroy Ash for mucking up their battle. This ends when the Pokemon Inspector, who happens to be Nurse Joy in disguise, reveals she’s been watching them both and is disappointed in both sides. Nurse Joy turns both the leaders to Ash to learn how to be a better trainer.


Any Surprises?

  • Misty thinks she’ll be the best everything
  • Gang wars in Pokemon
  • Pikachu’s immense love of ketchup
  • Even Ash and Misty are surprised to see Vulpix used
  • Tom Ato, Ann Chovy, and Cesar Salad
  • Ash acknowledging his own dramatic speech
  • Scyther and Electabuzz have a random weakness for red
  • How’s there this much ketchup, yet Pikachu can’t get a new bottle
  • No Team Rocket schemes


This episode sure was a twist of the formula. It was another one with a darker story line, this time about gang violence. I’ve never seen anyone so afraid of Pokemon trainers. That just sets the mood of the episode. Starting off with our heroes being pelted with rocks with kids who’ve only known rotten trainers is pretty jarring too. This really shows off Ash’s growth so far. He makes a great voice of reason, even if his naivety still shows. Overall a great story, with some solid and horrifying action, and surprisingly of all not Team Rocket interruption. Yeah they’re comic relief still, but they don’t break into the plot and kill the pacing. A unique turn for the best.



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