Journeys through Pokemon AshGray: Day 3

I finally got through Mt.Moon. I met up with the friendly clefairy and once again beat Team Rocket. Pidgeotto and Pikachu were real MVPs of the area. I boxed Sandrew, but I like to think he got more use that Ash’s Primeape.


Cerulean City was nothing special except Officer Jenny was there, like in the anime. A store had some odd supplies stolen. Going to the gym leads Misty to challenge you. Like in the anime Pikachu doesn’t want to fight. This made me irriated because I know this is considtent with the source material, but in this adaption the relationship with Misty is not there. This is the first time’s she’s appeared since the Virdian City Pokemon Center. This left me with my level 17 Pidgeotto. I thought about taking my level 10 Sandsrew out of the box, but that would have been most ineffective against her Staryu and Starmie. Both were nearly ten levels higher than the poor thing. I had once choice, and that was to grind.


I had a caterpie in my box. I got it between rematches with Brock. I ended up not needing to raise it, but it was my only hope. Pidgeotto easily knocked out Staryu, but always fell to Starmie. I grinded caterpie up to level 10. It evolved into Butterfree and learned sleep powder. My strategy was to keep sleep powdering. I got luck with Staryu, it stayed asleep 5 turns. Pidgeotto knocked it out without getting a scratch. Starmie only stayed asleep 3 turns, fortunately that was enough for Pidgeotto to take the win. Team Rocket crashes in after the battle. Again they were beaten. I did like that this time you see a machine with them, nice touch. It’s amazing that Ash and co. aren’t more annoyed with that trio. I left the city, probably going to rethink a lot of choices in making a more well rounded team.



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