Wake Up Snorlax!

Our heroes are still journeying along the road. They meet a hippie who plays them some psychedelic poke-flute music. Ash and co. see a town and take the opportunity to get some food. To their disappointment no store has any food left. The mayor of the town takes them to his home and explains the situation. They town’s water supply has dried up causes all crops to wilt.


Our heroes follow the empty water stream to see if something can be done. Working together with his Pokemon, our heroes make it to the end of the little river. They find a snorlax is blocking the water from rushing through. The only way to fix the problem is by moving snorlax or waking it up.


Team Rocket joins them in waking up snorlax. Their methods involve stealing snorlax away.  The two groups work together to wake snorlax. It culminates in everyone agreeing to wake snorlax with a kiss from a noble Pokemon like in Sleeping Beauty. It doesn’t wake, but Meowth’s kiss does move it enough that Ash finds a tag under it. It instructs them to use a poke-flute to wake sleeping Pokemon. This leads everyone back to the old hippie man. After an extra quick battle between Ash and Team Rocket, the hippie is lead to snorlax. Turns out he owns Snorlax. Snorlax wakes up and goes along it’s way, eating all the thorns that are also blocking the water source. The town is saved and Ash and co. are heroes.


Any Surprises?

  • A food begging hippie
  • A town has zero food
  • Misty bleeds slightly
  • Ash is fine with Team Rocket stealing snorlax if in the end it saves the town
  • Jessie and James just want to see Meowth kiss a snorlax


I have a feeling that a lot of episodes are going to be filler for a while. Ash isn’t even journeying specifically to anywhere anymore. The last third episode was pretty fun though, in a dumb way of course. The rest of it felt pretty boring. The opening scene with the hippie man is done in such a bland way. It’s just close ups of the man with a generic forest. The town they go to is so devoid of color and energy too. It makes sense plot wise, but for a show like Pokemon that’s always vibrant it really sucks the enjoyment away. When they find snorlax the pallet brightens up, but it’s pretty repetitive for a while. It’s just a montage of attempts even children know will fail. It’s just a pace breaker that doesn’t stop until culminating in to the final attempt.


I enjoy Team Rocket working together with Ash’s Team. It creates some unique situations. Jessie suggesting a Sleeping Beauty themed plan, makes sense. Ash, Brock, and Misty going along with it is ridiculous. Jessie and James dressing Meowth like a prince and being fully aware of how silly of a plan it is, chuckle inducing. Meowth’s kiss actually making Snorlax move to a point where they’re able to find a real solution is actually kinda funny. It also made good use of the old hippie tying back into the plot. The resolution overall did feel satisfying after everything everyone put into waking the dang Snorlax. Yeah it was contrived that the old hippie happened to be late, but somehow it just fit. Maybe it was because he was portrayed as being ridiculously lax (pun not intended). Another fine episode, halfway through at this point. Here’s to a strong second half!


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