Journeys through Pokemon AshGray: Day 2

Today was certainly an interesting one. After finishing quickly with the Samurai I hurried on to Pewter City. Like Ash I met Flint, who in game uses the actual old man model. It was pretty cool that you could not only buy his rocks, but they were hard rocks. For those who don’t know that’s a game item that helps improve rock type Pokemon.


I went to the gym to fight Brock. Since I only have Pikachu and Pidgeotto I was quickly defeated. I certainly regretted not picking up my own Caterpie. Unlike in regular Pokemon I did not get sent to the Pokemon Center. Brock does his same speech like in the anime. As soon as I left the gym I was wisked to the water mill with Flint. Brilliantly I received a light ball to help improve Pikachu’s strength. screenshot_20170719-093202.png

I was confident in re-challenging Brock. Pidgeotto and Pikachu easily defeated Brock’s Geodude. In this game thunderbolt legit works on Geodude, it’s so surreal. Like the anime Brock’s siblings have a moment begging Ash not to beat Onix. It’s kinda strange since you are told about them, but Flint never takes you to see them so for anyone who never saw the anime it would be confusing. I lost to Onix, I lost to Onix five times. I finally got lucky and Pikachu got some good crits.

Screenshot_20170719-133442I was surprised to see Route 3 was pretty similar to the games, including the trainers found there. (The sad moment when you’ve played FireRed so much you can recognize the names and teams of the trainers.) I was glad to see Mt. Moon was redesigned. I got lost a lot, there’s so many paths. I just wanted to help Seymour and the clefairy. I was struggling with my two Pokemon, I added a Sandshrew to my Ash team. I don’t know if I’ll keep it, but for now it’s helping. So far I’m still going through it, just beat Team Rocket for the third time. Gotta keep searching for those clefairy now that I got that moon stone back.



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