The Battling Eevee Brothers

While traveling Ash and the gang stumble upon a sad little eevee tied to a tree. It has a collar with an address so they decide to return it to whoever abandoned it. This leads them to a mansion hosting a giant party. Eevee is quickly recognized by the three elemental themed trainers; Rainer, Sparky, and Pyro. The three brothers give Eevee back to their younger brother, Mikey. Mikey’s not happy to see his Eevee back, naturally because it wasn’t actually lost. His brothers are putting a lot of pressure on him to evolve Eevee, but Mikey likes it the way it is.


Ash stands up for Mikey, which turns the brothers attention to his Pikachu. They show off their collection of evolutionary stones. While this happens Team Rocket is plotting to steal all the evolutionary stones. Misty makes friends with Mikey. She talks to him about his troubles. It’s revealed Mikey was trying to hide Eevee just for the day. All Mikey wants is for Eevee to be his best friend. Misty finds his intentions admirable, but chastises him for hiding Eevee to avoid his problems. When it comes time for Mikey to decide on an eeveelution Team Rocket flies in to cause trouble.


Team Rocket steals everyone’s Pokemon, the evolutionary stones, but worst of all the food (and worst for Misty they left Psyduck). Pidgeotto crashes their balloon, only it’s found already abandoned. Horsea leaves a trail of ink for Pidgeotto to find. Our heroes do catch up to Team Rocket and free all the Pokemon, except Eevee. Mikey’s brother takes on Team Rocket to protect Eevee. The three actually take a beating, Mikey steps in with Eevee. Even unevolved it’s able to blast off Team Rocket. The brothers admit Eevee is fine the way it is since it won it’s first battle and accept Mikey’s choice of leaving Eevee the way it is.


Any Surprises?

  • These parents just happened to name their children after the exact element they’d be attached to
  • We FINALLY see Horsea again
  • Misty’s the voice of reason
  • Team Rocket thinks using three evolution stones on Eevee is a good idea
  • Jessie evolves into a Flareon


This episode was pretty preachy. Literally everything was centered on evolution. The Eevee Brothers would push a stone on one of our main characters and the main character would refuse citing the Pokemon’s feelings. It was done better in Electric Pokemon Showdown. At least in that episode was more subtly done. The three elemental brothers made the episode especially obnoxious. Every time they appeared it was just them spouting off their opinions like if it was the only option.


It was nice to have an episode centered on eeveelutions. I admit it  would be good for children playing the game to learn a bit more about their options. Mikey was a pretty likable character even if I did dread seeing his brothers. He was a good representation of a scared kid. I really liked his little scene with Misty. It showed her is a good and useful light at the same time. It was also really satisfying to see him defeat Team Rocket after his brothers were annihilated. After all the stress he put himself through it was great to see him and Eevee be victorious.

This episode was pretty average. The story was bleh, but it had sweet moments. Team Rocket’s giant fight was pretty refreshing too. It’s been a while since they took over half an episode. It was fine filler, no more no less.



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