Pikachu’s Goodbye



Ash and the gang are taking a small break from intense adventures. Some wild pikachu are nearby and our Pikachu goes to make friends. They reject our Pikachu for being trainer owned. This hurts Pikachu and a baby pikachu goes to introduce itself. This causes the others to accept Pikachu as well. Ash ruins this moment by wanting to join in on the pika-fun. All the pikachu run away and hide.

They see the baby pikachu from earlier drowning in a river and run to save it. Pikachu ends up jumping in after it. The two nearly go over a waterfall when the rest of the herd make a pika-chain to rescue them. Pikachu is hailed as a hero by it’s brethren. Troubles brewing as Team Rocket watches the herd with intent to capture every last one. Pikachu sings the night away with everyone while Ash and co. watch their fun. Seeing how happy Pikachu is, Ash contemplates if it would be better staying with the herd.

Team Rocket launches their attack by casting a giant net over the herd. They nearly take them all away in their hot air balloon when Pikachu gets the idea to start gnawing at the net. Pikachu escapes and gets right up in Team Rocket’s face while Ash and the gang help the herd jump to safety. Pikachu chomps on their balloon blasting them.  The pikachu cheer on their victory and Ash takes this moment to leave Pikachu. Misty and Brock think he’s being silly. Pikachu goes back to Ash, who refuses to leave. Ash runs off demanding it stays behind. One sad montage later Pikachu comes back to Ash adamant not to leave him. The pika-herd even cheer on Ash and Pikachu’s deep friendship.


Any Surprises?

  • Ash pretending to be Tomo the Kangaskhan Kid
  • Herd of pikachu (awww)
  • Tiny baby Pikachu
  • Pikachu sing along
  • Ash abandoning Pikachu


This really was a beautiful episode. I’m not just saying that because of how emotional it gets. Seeing Pikachu really bond with it’s own species is so full of life and charm. It’s so well done how these Pokemon interact with minimal human interaction. The most gorgeous moment was when all the Pikachu were singing. The moonlight combined with the choir of pika-singing created such a serene mood. It really shows how at peace Pikachu is every time it cuts to it and it’s little pika-pal.

Team Rocket normally would be an intrusion in this type of episode, but I felt that it really helped the plot with Ash move along better. The pikachu cheering after Team Rocket’s defeat made for a good catalyst to Ash’s choice. It was pretty silly of him to try and leave Pikachu. it comes from a good place at least, it shows how Ash really puts his Pokemon first. It felt a bit forced at first, especially since it’s pretty obvious Pikachu would never have left Ash. I can see why this is considered a real fan favorite episode.


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