Electric Soldier Porygon


Ash and the gang are in Matcha City’s Pokemon Center trying to get some help for Pikachu, who’s tired. Nurse Joy has a serious problem, the Pokemon transport is not working right. The Pokemon that is sent ends up not being the one that arrives. The inventor, Dr. Akihabara is trying to figure out what’s wrong with it. Ash and the gang follow him to his laboratory to help. They don’t find him, but do find his giant holographic head. It leads our heroes to a machine that intends to transport them inside the computer with the doctor’s Porygon. It’s also revealed what ever’s wrong with the transporter is Team Rocket’s fault.

Dr. Akihabara sends the group into the machine against their will. Porygon helps Ash and co. traverse through the computer world. They find Team Rocket, who is in fact the ones messing with the Pokemon from the transporter. A battle ensues, but Porygon is able to take Weezing and Arbok out easily. Team Rocket has a prototype Porygon they use against the real thing. Our heroes use this fight as a diversion and remove the blockage in the machine. Team Rocket is sent blasting off.

At the Pokemon Center a technician sends a vaccine to destroy the virus in the machine. This ends up targeting our heroes and Team Rocket. Both groups move quickly to escape. The vaccine becomes an X-Wing and chases them further.  Team Rocket nearly ends up getting stuck and destroyed, but Ash sends Bulbasaur to save them. The vaccine launches missles at our heroes which Pikachu reflects back. Everyone escapes, but the machine is destroyed. Team Rocket even thanks Ash for saving them, unfortunately for them they leave their Porygon behind. Nurse Joy’s transporter is working perfectly properly again, which for our heroes is all that matters.


Any Surprises?

  • Ash doesn’t understand computer viruses
  • Akihabara is freaking crazy
  • The transporter blockage is a literal police blockade
  • Porygon vs Porygon battle gets pretty weird
  • I don’t think you cure computer viruses with missiles


So elephant in the room time, this episode causes over 900 Japanese children to suffer seizures during it’s  only airing. It was banned from airing anywhere else in the world. Honesty, the only shame is Porygon has never starred in another episode again. The episode was fine yes, but unlike Legend of Dratini it can be lived without.

It’s a fun plot, turn of the millennium everyone was into the cyber scene. The computer world is very interesting looking. It’s kinda cool the direction they took with it. It’s pretty generic looking, but the vaccine being a missile launcher while an odd choice is an exciting one. Porygon is pretty amazing too. I’m not personally a fan or it’s evolutionary line but the fight it had with the prototype was wacky action fun. Again real shame it basic was also banned from the anime.

The problem is it doesn’t feel like a Pokemon episode. I don’t understand why the doctor sent Ash and his friends into the computer. It feels insane. While it made for good action the vaccine scene was just dumb. Pokemon isn’t an anime that needs a digital world (we literally have Digimon for that). It doesn’t help that this incident means nothing in terms of overarching plot, Ash doesn’t even learn a poke-lesson. Knowing this episode should be harmless fun that hurt children makes it worst.


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