Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion


Traveling through a storm our heroes take shelter in an old mansion. A second Pikachu appears, but it’s not quite what it seems. They try catching the strange Pikachu, but it actually belongs to a girl named Duplica, who happens to be disguised as Ash. The Pikachu is actually a Ditto, who has trouble copying Pokemon faces perfectly. Duplica shows off the power of Ditto in a fight with Bulbasaur. Ash is surprised to see Ditto can also copy Bulbasaur’s attacks. This causes Ash to lose his little match. This upsets Ash because he doesn’t understand how a “fake” can beat the real thing.

Duplica had her own show with Ditto. She had trouble because Ditto can’t transform perfectly. Team Rocket appears and snatches Ditto away. Their plan is to transform it into rare Pokemon for the boss. They have some trouble transforming Ditto into the right thing. Meanwhile back with our heroes, Ash is theorizing that Ditto’s issue may come from Duplica. Zubat and Pidgeotto have been actually used to find Ditto.

Team Rocket is still having trouble with Ditto and manage to scare it into fixing it’s face. Our heroes annoy Team Rocket by copying their motto and costumers in a pretty spot on way. Ditto’s a perfect copy of Meowth and cannot be told apart. Duplica is happy that Team Rocket fixed her Pokemon’s flaw. Team Rocket nearly gets away with Ditto by giving Duplica the real Meowth. Duplica knew immediately because she knows her Pokemon. Ditto transformed into a cannon shoots Pikachu into Team Rocket, blasting them off.

Any Surprises?

  • Brock think Duplica’s too young for her
  • Ashy-boy
  • Jessie wanting to see her boyhood crush as an adult
  • Ditto’s a very literal Pokemon
  • Ash and the gang as Team Rocket
  • Ditto can become a cannon


This was a nice little episode. I though Ash acted a little uncharacteristically after losing to Duplica. I just never thought of any trainer, especially all loving Ash, to be like “Ditto’s a fake Pokemon I shouldn’t have lost.” He does get better thankfully and learns from this defeat. Team Rocket was pretty fun, but their plan seemed especially dumb even for them. It was great that they end up contributing positively to the plot, even though it was accidental. It’s just fun simple irony. It doesn’t feel like any of them are the center of the plot. This really is Duplica’s story.

Duplica was a fun one off character. It feels like she had the most screen time and personality of a one off. This took away from the other characters though, they really didn’t have much involvement. Not just Brock and Misty who usually have no involvement either, even Ash and Team Rocket feel sidelined compared to Duplica. I was fine with this though because Duplica is so characterized. She has clear goals and desires, it really helps with an episode centered around a character not in the main cast.


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