Memories- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team

Who ever though of this was a genius. I never wanted to be a Pokemon as a kid, but this game changed everything. The first thing you do is take a quiz to determine what kind of Pokemon are you. I got eevee the first time, and a lot of times after. After the quiz you pick a partner Pokemon who becomes your best friend. Then the game begins, it’s a very standard dungeon crawler with a Pokemon twist.hqdefault

The story is you wake up on the beach as a Pokemon, you know you’re supposed to be a human  but just can’t remember anything else. Your partner finds you and the two of you decide to open a rescue agency. While you go on missions for very Pokemon the world begins to fall apart. You and a mysterious Pokemon from your dreams seem to be at the center of the mayhem. I remember playing through so many missions just to get the next glimpse of the story. It kept me engaged as a child even if it’s super predictable now.


This game is pretty large. Over ten years later there’s still achievements I’ve never gotten, pages of them in fact. Every area has a different dungeon every time you enter. The game really explodes with post game. Dungeons become larger and more varied, and the missions gets tougher. It’s really one you can play forever. I still go back from time to time.


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