The Bridge Bike Gang


With fresh memories of gun violence and child abuse in their minds our heroes venture forth out of the Safari Zone into a city, never said what city presumably finally Fuchsia City. They spot a bridge that crosses into Sunnytown. Unfortunately they can’t cross on foot, but there is a bicycle path. Stuck on how to obtain some bikes they go to the Pokemon Center and end up helping Nurse Joy. She needs someone to go to Sunnytown and deliver medicine. Naturally she lends them bikes for the task.

Our heroes don’t get to ride for long, they run into a nasty looking bike gang. The leader, Chopper tells them they can’t pass unless they have a Pokemon battle. Chopper sends out his Golem and Ash sends out Bulbasaur. Golem easily knocks Bulbasaur out. Ash tries again with Charmander but by putting Golem on fire it’s able to knock the Pokemon back into it’s trainer burning them. Another member, Tyra sends out a Cloyster to fight next. Misty takes her on with Psyduck (supposed to be Starmie). It’s revealed Psyduck only has massive psychic abilities when it has a headache.

Jessie and James know Chopper and Tyra. They used to be  highly respected members of the gang and ask them for help fighting Ash and co. After the battle ends suddenly in a draw the trio gets stuck on that bridge during a storm. Tyra and Chopper convince Team Rocket to lead them out in the storm. This leads to both groups getting stuck on the wrong sides of a drawbridge and both groups jump. Our heroes make it over safely by using Team Rocket to jump off of. Team Rocket crashes into the water. The gang tries attacking again, but by saying they’re delivering medicine they give an escort instead. Chopper and Tyra dubs the group Awesome Ash and Mighty Misty, and Brock gets slapped for sexually harassing Tyra.


Any Surprises?

  • Misty still petty over her bike
  • Asking random trainers to deliver important medicine
  • The bike jingle from the game plays as our heroes ride the path
  • Zapdos bike
  • Misty trying to pummel Psyduck with a bike to give it a headache
  • Sick unicycle tricks
  • Big Jess and Little Jim
  • Little Jim had to use training wheels, but still got mad respect


I felt like this episode was pretty all over the place. It has the main plot of getting to Sunnytown to deliver medicine, but the introduction of the bike gang really ends up slowing it down. The battle with Chopper and Tyra was fun though. Especially with Charmander winning by setting Golem on fire and crashing it into the gang. It wasn’t bad at first when Jessie and James were revealed to be old members. Backstory on them is always fun, but the gang starts acting weird. I know it’s because they look up to Jessie and James at a ridiculous level, but still it really discredits them and makes them look silly.

The bit with Officer Jenny was so pointless I didn’t even bother putting it in the synopsis. She’s the reason the fight with the gang, Team Rocket, and our heroes ends so suddenly. She offers to escort them to the Pokemon Center and literally the next minute she gets a call and can’t help them anymore. All it did was the fight early when it could have been super intense. Ash and crew have never fought that many trainers at once and it could have been a real growth moment. The rain is pretty contrived too. All it leads to is a disappointing resolution between the heroes and Team Rocket. The reveal of the bike gang not really being bad guys makes the whole episode feel pointless. I just really hate when it’s discovered how avoidable a plot could have been with basic communication. It was an alright episode, just never felt like it contributed anything.


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